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If you’re a woodworker who’s designs and projects are dependent on the appearance of your wood, the flow of grain, the positioning of knots, the shape of the edges and the feel in your hand, then choosing your own wood is part of the making process.

We get it.
In fact it’s important to us too.

We’d like everyone to feel that way. We’ve been lovingly tending our wood in the hope that one day it pleases someone beyond it’s innate function and that the trees and logs and boules and boards we’re working with today will be the treasured heirlooms or sought after design pieces of tomorrow.

And that starts with you, caring enough about what you do to select your own timber.

And yes, there may well now be a spanner in the timber buying works, but some folk round here would say you can never have enough spanners so we’ll just get on and use this one get some work done…  😉

Read our BUYING TIMBER ONLINE: Quick Look ‘How To’


So how does digital timber buying work?

Like every order we do, it begins with you.

We start by asking you a few pertinent questions to understand what you need your timber for and how you’re going to use it. Then we take your cutting list* along with the species and grade you want and lastly we ask whether you need it supplied as sawn boards or in machined pieces.

Not so complicated.

Once we know all of this, we can do one of two things.

We can make a digital appointment for you to do a virtual self selection (yes you read that right!) from the comfort of your own home, office, workshop, car seat or jacuzzi (far be it from us to judge).

Or we can do a quote (lump sum price) to provide the timber you need, including any machining you want. Then you get to say yay or nay to the quote and if it’s a yay the guys in the shed get to work and we do the selecting ourselves using your cutting list and your specifications.

You choose which option suits you best. We’re happy to go either way.

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What is a virtual timber selection?!

Well woodfans, it’s a timber selection visit that happens in the ether.

It works like this…

we hook you up via your preferred method of communication (SKYPE, WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, Teams, Google Hangout) with Nick, or Ben, or Wayne or David or Grant or one of our many expert timber selectors.

They’ll take your aforementioned pertinent requirements and they’ll pull the relevant stacks of timber in preparation. Then they’ll call you up at an agreed time so you can go through the boards together via the video link to pick your timber.

Basically, It’s live online timber picking, and it works!

We’ve done it a few times before but now circumstances present us all with a need to do something different so we’re going with it.

Want to try to pick your own timber by video?  Get in touch we can have that chat and ask you those pertinent questions.


Not into spanners?
Want to stick to getting a quote on a cutting list? No problem. Fire them over to us and we’ll ping’em right back with a price so you can yay or nay ‘em.

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*a cutting list = a list of the pieces you want by thickness x width x length x quantity and it looks like this;
27 x 120 x 2.45m – 5 no
41 x 150 x 3.2m – 11 no