When I have a spare minute I like to go out in the air dried yard and wander among the log stacks…

…not only because I love to get wafts of Cedar of Lebanon perfume on the breeze and not only because there is so much incredible nature to see in our yard (we have amazing birdlife.. and hares!!)  but also because I love to see the sawn logs all stacked up, drying.

I love the  neat, ordered little sticks of Poplar,  all vertically in line keeping the fresh yellow slices of wood flat and straight as they dry…  and the curls of bark that drop away as the timber lets go of it’s old life as a tree and becomes the dense, hardened wood we need it to be to make smooth shiny table tops or delicate little chair legs.

But for some reason it always makes me think of food!

Well not food exactly but that feeling you have when you’ve just been food shopping and you’ve got home and filled the cupboards with everything you’ve bought and the larder is full of mouthwateringly fresh food, everything you could possibly want to eat…

.. that’s what  the air dried log stacks makes me think of… they’re our larder of logs!  We just have to wait  2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years before they’re ready to eat… I mean kiln of course ! Yum.

Just thought I’d share.