Say ‘Hello’  to Mr Dave Fry, seasoned veteran of timber haulage, sitting comfortably in his cab after a hard days hauling and smiling as always…

This was the first of  the incoming lorries bearing Oak, Ash & Chestnut. The logs you see here have max’d out Dave’s payload without even filling the volume! Maybe that’s why we need 10 trips…

Dave, aswell as being a super haulier (those lorries actually drive into the woods to be loaded..  not outside..  not at the side of road.. not in a lane.. actually offroad between the trees and deep into the woods to collect timber), also repairs and restores old working vehicles to their former glory. He’s often to be found underneath a machine like our old Volvo stegosaurus (not it’s real name) coaxing it back to life. 

Unless, of course, the machine is trying to crush him as his timber lorry did once…  Dave escaped from underneath the sunken lorry thank goodness. One of the hazards of having to manoeuvre 40 tonnes of metal on wheels out of the woods I suppose !

Our old Volvo used to unload Dave’s lorry and move our round timber. Here’s said vehicle with a monster of an Oak log…

Dave took it home with him one day after we’d given up trying to revive it… it never liked early mornings and we’d have to wait half the day for it to surface…  not very useful when you’ve got logs to move!

I’m waiting for a photo from Dave to show what it looks like now…  Dave?? .. . so you see, not all old machines go up ‘ to the sky’, some just go to Dave’s yard in Cowfold!

It seems we’ve been through our fair share of RT movers over the years… here’s another one from a set of pictures from the 70’s… 

I found this along with some fantastic ones of the yard and the bandmill and people that used to work here.

I’m having so much fun looking through these pictures…  I’m going to have to let them out into the public domain I think!

Here are more RT mover pictures for all you RT enthusiasts!

Spot the similarity with dinosaurs…  maybe more woolly mammoth than stegosaurus?

Just think, the wood from these logs could be in your dining  table now, or your windows or your floor..  or your car ( do you have an old mini..? or a moggie? or an mg midget? all the m’s..)

So I started out overexcited about new logs and I fell into beging overexcited about vintage timber machinery…  who am I???

Have I stirred up a dormant addiction to vintage working machinery in you? Satisfy the craving for the smell of burnt diesel by taking a trip down memory lane.. or rail..

Commercial vehicle dieselhead? Here’s the magazine for you

Dieselhead day out

If you just want to know more about us…  or you want to come and pet a JCB

P.S. Isn’t it lovely to see summer?