How To Manage Your Woodland – A Free Guide

Jun 3, 2024 | About us, wood knowledge, woodland management

Why is woodland management important?

Woodland management is the active process of caring for, working about, working in and on any tree-ed environment; coppices, woodlands and forests, arboretums, public parks. it all counts.

As an activity it’s about delivering benefits, biodiversity, flood mitigation, improving water quality, carbon capture, landscape value and last but not least ,timber production.

It’s important for all those reasons and so much more.

You may or may not know that that our sister company English Woodlands Forestry is run by an learned and talented group of people led by the highly esteemed Laura Henderson alongside our own Tom Compton and forestry VIP Alison Field.

Laura has just published the missing link.. a much needed guide on How to Manage Your Woodland.


What’s in the ‘How to Manage Your Woodland’ guide?

Laura’s guide lifts the lid on the management process – where to start, surveys, planning, regulations, grants, contracts, forest operations, the responsibilities of woodland owners and  even how to approach selling any timber that’s produced by the work done.

She walks you through all the key information you need to consider, giving a thorough overview of what’s involved, providing references to key resources.


Who’s the guide for?

Of course the guide is for woodland owners.

If that’s you, you’ll already know how hard it is to find this information in any sort of comprehensive form, please do get as many downloads as you can to keep and pass to friends and family.

Here’s a link for you >> How To Manage Your Woodland

But from where we sit, it’s also really helpful for woodworkers and for that matter, anyone who wants to get a handle on what happens in the life of a woodland, where wood comes from, the role of woodland management in their wood supply chain.

For the nature lover’s this it’s surely an insight into how foresters think, what matters to them, what they’re working on.

It helps us all understand why the woodlands seem to look messy when they’re being worked in with big machines. In fact there’s even (and we especially appreciate this bit) a glossary of the big machines and forestry terms.

As old school wood suppliers we believe it all starts with the trees. This guide shows us exactly why and how that happens to be true.

the guide on how to manage your woodland by laura henderson and team at english woodlands forestry


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