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What is it? Sitting comfortably? Well then we’ll tell you all about it.

Grown in Britain is a sector wide initiative, supported by the UK government (thank you Owen Patterson) , industry & numerous groups to shine a light & provide insight into the UK forestry & timber industry. Their aims are too numerous to count, but to name a few:Grown in Britain aims to strengthen the market for British woodland products, to develop relationships with business & the British public & to work with CSR funding to support management of British woodlands &, last but not least, to acknowledge, enhance & encourage connections with the small but wonderful British wood culture that already exists.

This is big change in the making & we’re proud to support their efforts.

Here’s to you Grown in Britain.. keep it coming.

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We at English Woodlands Timber are proud to support & work with the team at Grown in Britain to make a difference for the future of the British Forestry & Timber industries.