Grown in Britain

Our assurance & certification scheme for legal and sustainable homegrown timber.

It works as a sector wide initiative, supported by the UK government, industry & numerous groups to shine a light, provide insight and promote positive change in the UK forestry & timber industry.

grown in britain 10 year anniversary

The Grown in Britain story

In 2011, the people of Britain marched together to save our forests; and as we advance into a new decade, society has demanded that the country acknowledges climate issues by investing significantly in our trees.

Grown in Britain was born out of this national passion.

They’re an independent not-for-profit organisation, guided by a board of members from across the supply chain. They’re tasked with developing a new ‘wood culture’ by engaging and collaborating with equally passionate partners from Government, retail, NGOs and the private sector.

We have worked with them since 2012 to drive change in attitudes to the use of wood, woodland management, waste and our collective wood and tree knowledge, to ensure the future success of the UK’s woods and forests.

The certification of homegrown timber
The Grown in Britain certification mark is the central hub around which the GiB Chain of custody license work revolves. It provides visible assurance of a brand that can be trusted. Grown in Britain standards and certification are bespoke to the UK, and compliance is verified by our team of specialist independent auditors. This UK only chain of custody certificate enable procurement processes to specify GiB and ensure locally sourced materials. We champion homegrown timbers and see it as an area of growth for the UK forestry and timber industry and so naturally, it’s an area of growth for our customers.

The biosecurity of our woodlands
The UK imports many products that can carry unwanted pests and diseases capable of ravaging our woods and forests. In conjunction with Government and other organisations, Grown in Britain carries out research, supply chain development and certification, to ensure we lessen the risk.

Creating woodlands and natural capital
Government, business & society are investing in more trees, woods & forests to offset carbon, grow sustainable materials & deliver environmental net gain. The Grown in Britain new Canopy certification scheme ensures that future forests make a positive land use change & deliver a range of quality, natural capital benefits.

Research and development in forestry and timber
Grown in Britain is not just a certification body; they also run a successful R&D programme, within industry. By developing and modifying home-grown products, they’re finding ways to add value to UK timber in order to accelerate demand and reduce unnecessary imports.

If you’re interested in getting involved with any of the Grown In Britain initiatives or you’d like to know more about our GiB certified homegrown timber supplies then we’d love to talk with you.


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