Green Oak; A New Year’s Revelation

Jan 13, 2020 | fresh sawn timber, structural timber

It’s January 2020. A fresh start. Clean slate. New horizons. Resolutions. You know the drill. Feels good doesn’t it?

fresh sawn oak custom cutting list for timber framing

Well, here’s a resolute revelation that’s a fresh start on a new horizon with a clean slate, just for you.

Yup, this January we’re starting a-fresh with green oak. We have the opportunity to reduce the £/M3 prices for custom fresh sawn Oak orders over 0.5m3 because the Euro to GBP rate has shifted in our favour and in yours YOU too. So guess what? We’re passing the price reduction on.

Did we mention it’s a 10% reduction?!

What does that mean to me?

It means that if you’re working on a green oak project in the next few weeks or months you might be wise to get your cutting list in asap, get your quote done (did you know we hold prices for a month on quotes?) and maybe even book space on the lorry to enable you to secure a delivery date that works with your project schedule so you can take advantage of that 10% price drop.

Why would I ‘book space’?

Well, lorries have a maximum payload. Most of our lorries are articulated, coming in at 44 tonnes which means the maximum payload is probably going to be 28 tonnes (because the lorry itself weighs the rest).
If you give FS Oak 1.1t/m3 (some say 1t/m3 but if it’s really saturated and really dense like we want it to be then…) then we’ve got 25m3 max on each lorry. It might sound like a lot but that’s only really 1 and a bit full frame 3 bed homes… so not so much.

I haven’t got a project right now, what about future prices?

In all honesty, we just can’t know how the £/m3 prices might move in the future. There are many variables and exchange rate is one of the big ones. Rest assured though, we’ll always price your job with a sharp pencil and we’ll always prioritise the most cost effective, least wasteful, most efficient supply of whatever it is you need, green oak included.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want your 10% off?! Get that cutting list in, quick…

 juicy fresh sawn green oak custom orders waiting for collection a stack of fresh sawn oak beamsfresh sawn oak beam orders waiting for collection


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