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These nice people have mastered of the art of making  extraordinary chopping boards.

Chief Sawdust Maker Mike and his small team of super makers in Leamington Spa are bent on making high quality bread boards, chopping boards & butcher blocks that have a low environmental impact and will last a lifetime.

At the Wooden Chopping Board Co a sustainable ethos is built into every area of their business which we really admire. Mike purposefully chooses homegrown timber species like Elm, Oak, Walnut, Chestnut for his woodworking, he’s part of a tree planting scheme for re-stocking and woodland creation and he’s very thoughtful about customer service and satisfaction.

Take a look at the truly incredible chopping boards on their WCBC website and read more about their ethical approach to life and chopping board making.

If you care about the planet and you need a forever chopping board The Wooden Chopping Board Co are your kind of people.

Contact Mike & gang on the details below

The Wooden Chopping Board Company
Leamington Spa CV32

T. 0330 001 0318  E.

What The Wooden Chopping Board Co said about us…

“I did a video selection call with the team a few weeks ago and I was genuinely surprised at how well this works.

The process was easy and efficient, and all of the boards were laid out in preparation for the call. I live and work quite a long way from you guys so I generally only drop in when I am passing.

On reflection I think that the video call works really well, and for me personally, it actually works better than seeing them on site. Both my recent orders have probably been larger than they would have been if I had been there in person. I’ll still drop by for a rummage in the stack though.

How you have dealt with lockdown and social distancing deserves congratulations, and in my opinion video selection should remain a permanent feature of how you work.

My thanks to Nick and the team for doing a consistently good job.”


We’re really grateful to Mike for taking the time to give us this feedback, but that’s just typical of the kind of guy he is.


Read more about The Wooden Chopping Board Co

Start researching your fave timber species so you can decide on a new chopping board HERE


The Wooden Chopping Board Gallery

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