WWI GS wagon wheels built by croford coachbuilders

Croford Coachbuilders

Wheelwrights & Coachbuilders


By Her Majesty’s Appointment Croford Coachbuilders are heritage restorers & builders of coaches, caravans & period military vehicles.

As acknowledged and renowned masters of their art Crofords regularly lend their expertise to fascinating projects, repairing and repainting magnificent period vehicles made from timber.


If you find yourself in need of any kind of coachbuilding Crofords will undoubtedly be able to help…

Contact them on the details below

Croford Coachbuilders
Kennington Hall, Canterbury Road, Kennington, Kent  TN25 4EN

T. 01233 623451
E. info@croford-coachbuilders.co.uk

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The Croford Coachbuilders Gallery


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