Customer Spotlight: The Wooden Chopping Board Co

Jan 6, 2020 | our customers

Meet The Wooden Chopping Board Company…

Who are they, and what do they do?

In 2016, The Wooden Chopping Board Company sold their first chopping board. Focusing on quality, unusual and unique designs, they craft cutting boards, butchers blocks and accessories, and they’re dedicated to the use of timber from sustainable sources. They might be a cosy operation – but they work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality products.

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There was a time when people were all about plastic chopping boards. After using wood for thousands of years, suddenly the humble chopping board had been upgraded. People assumed that plastic boards – easier to wipe down, and not at all porous – were more hygienic. Actually, the opposite is true. Plastic boards nurture bacteria in the tiny scars that appear during daily use. With wood, moisture is drawn into the centre of the board, and the bacteria dies. The University of Wisconsin found that salmonella thrived on a plastic board, but couldn’t survive a night on a wooden cutting board.

So, wood makes for a more hygienic kitchen environment – but there are implications for the global environment, too. Let’s say you throw your old, scarred plastic chopping board away. It’ll still be here in a thousand years. Possibly longer – we don’t really know how long it takes plastic to decompose. We know it takes a wooden chopping board only a few years.

The Wooden Chopping Board Company is committed to integrating sustainability across all business practices, reducing the impact of their operations on the environment where possible. Their business ethos is thorough, from raw materials to packaging. They exclusively source from suppliers with sustainable management practice, which means no illegally harvested wood, or wood harvested in violation of human rights. They also support various environmental charities, including the Woodland Trust and the Marine Conservation Society – they switch it up every now and then – but always plant a tree for every chopping board they sell, as part of their commitment to One Tree Planted. At the time of writing, they’ve planted 1400 trees, across Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Americas.

Project Spotlight

The Wooden Chopping Board Company offers a wide range of boards, from The Rabbit (small, minimalist and oak) to Rule Britannia, a sturdy and distinctive design featuring English Oak, Sapele and American Maple, with tidy chamfered edges. We love their Stumpy chopping boards, which are created using cross sections of Oak or Beech, filled with vibrant resin after drying.

As one reviewer shared: “A most attractive board from this pleasingly ethical company. Easy and speedy transaction. I shall buy another item when it’s back in stock.”


Timber Spotlight

The Wooden Chopping Board Company works in collaboration with English Woodlands Timber to produce eye-catching chopping boards, knife storage and rolling pins in a variety of options, including cherry, walnut, sycamore, maple and beech.

Maple and beech are perfect options for chopping boards, thanks to their long life and their self-healing properties – meaning scratches and scars will party repair, automatically. All of The Wooden Chopping Boards Company’s boards are handmade in Warwickshire, and protected with board butter (their own recipe) to prevent cracking and loss of natural oils, and to maintain water resistance.

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