Customer Spotlight: Green Oak Building Co

Dec 30, 2020 | Our Customers

Meet Green Oak Building Co…

James Brown, founder of the company, is a carpenter by trade. He discovered his passion for traditional construction techniques through his apprenticeship in oak framing. When he founded The Green Oak Building Company, he pledged to build exclusively using green oak timber framed structures, to ensure the continued creation of unique heritage buildings and extensions.

Green Oak Timber Framed Structures

Every project The Green Oak Building Company takes on is crafted to the highest standards, using mortise and tenon joinery, held together with oak pegs and tree nails. Centuries-old, this traditional method of timber construction allows timbers to age and settle securely, creating structures that are able to last for hundreds of years, such as the historic barns, houses and churches that make the United Kingdom’s architectural heritage so remarkable.

The Green Oak team have years of experience in crafting the valuable timber into bespoke buildings which then become works of art in their own right, maturing and settling into an enriched beauty over the years.

In addition to creating timeless buildings, The Green Oak Building Company are proud to hold fast to their mission of maintaining traditional craftsmanship, training others in the rapidly declining craft, which only a handful of companies currently employ.


Project Spotlight

The Green Oak team pride themselves on listening to their clients, paying attention to their ideas and gaining clarity on how to turn your vision into a reality, before they pick up their specialist tools. From garages, to porches, pool buildings and orangeries, The Green Oak Building Company are experts in crafting impressive structures from green oak – leaving their clients ecstatic with their extended homes:

“We just wanted to express our thanks to James, Sean, Spencer, Jason, Calum, Albert and Mark the team at Green Oak Building Company for the wonderful extension they built for us. It wasn’t going to be an easy task as we wanted the new oak extension to blend in with our current home, which was a barn that had been built in the 1700’s. As clients that work in the property business, we were going to be quite specific in our requirements, so it was imperative that we worked with a team that were flexible and open to the odd change along the way as the building developed.

traditional oak frame building with vaulted ceiling and lightwell

Having considered some of the larger companies that had many years of building specialised oak frames, we chose the Green Oak Building Company, as we thought their ‘yes we can’ attitude meant that we could make the build work for us. They didn’t fail and were able to cope with the planning and building regulations departments, torrential summer rain, bats, wasps and of course us. The extension was finished both on time and on budget. We are delighted with the final result and had an incredible first Christmas in our new room. Many thanks and well done Green Oak Building Company.”


Timber Spotlight

Green Oak Building Co are named for the structural Oak that makes their beautiful buildings. Green oak is supplied freshly cut from the log – hence the ‘fresh sawn’.  It’s supplied base on customer cutting lists and is usually delivered within 3 weeks of being cut. As such it is saturated – it’s a high moisture content – and gradually loses this moisture over time.

Green Oak framers work the timber in this freshly cut state whilst it’s easy to cut and shape – as ‘soft as butter’ so they say!And at the same time, to join and build whilst moisture is high means that once assembled the frame becomes loaded and monolithic – it works as one entity and dries in situ. In this way a the structural integrity of the frame is unaffected by the splitting and surface checking that happens over time as part of the natural drying process of large section timber.

green oak timber stock of beams and posts for sale green oak for timber framing and traditional building structural oak oak framing joints

From there on in the timber strengthens and hardens over time with the splits and cracks lending authenticity to new buildings, giving the unique look and feel of a traditional oak framed building.


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