Chestnut Pole Cottage, West Sussex

Fresh Sawn Western Red Cedar Cladding

This is an unconventional self build project using local materials and traditional building methods.

A heavy Sweet Chestnut pole construction is based around a series of A-frames. All the timber has been sourced locally from the Cowdray Estate in West Sussex by Chris Wall-Palmer , the building owner (and charcoal maker – Didling Charcoal), with colleague Ben Law.

The shingles were cut on site from the homegrown Western Red Cedar. Each one a 300 x 100mm tapered tile (section 12/2mm). Sap is excluded and the ridge shingles are 150mm laid on end over a waterproof membrane.

The roof area is 130m2 at a pitch of 43 degrees. In order to shed water properly when using shingles the roof pitch must be between 42 and 45 degrees.

With a 100mm cover on each shingle 100 no. are required for every square metre.