BUYING TIMBER ONLINE: Collections & Deliveries

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buying timber online and getting a delivery
So you searched the stock, placed your order, and a few days later, your timber’s here and the gang have got it all packed up ready to go.

Now you have a choice to make, do you come and collect or go for a delivery? Hhhmmm…

Opt for collection

If you know you’re going to be passing at some point you’re welcome to pick up your completed order.

Choose a delivery

With customers as far and wide as the highlands of Scotland and the lowlands of Californ-i-a we’re quite familiar with the to-ing & fro-ing of timber deliveries and right now it’s business as usual*. We operate a small truck for local trips and for small orders going further a field we use courier services. For larger volumes we use our 7.5t lorry and international pallet services, lorries and Hiab delivery services. We’ll give you a quote for whatever option you choose.

Click here to see our standard delivery rates.

So there it is folks, come to collect or take a delivery. And that’s how easy it is to buy timber online!

Talk to us about what’s best for you and we’ll make it happen.



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*with all reasonable precautions in place, naturally

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