BUYING TIMBER ONLINE: Differently Means Digitally

Mar 19, 2020 | cladding timber, furniture timber, joinery timber, structural timber

buying timber online at english woodlands timber

Buying timber online has never been simpler or more convenient. Our stock search tool puts timber selection at your fingertips.

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It’s easy for us to say, but we believe it’s true. We might sit behind our nice handmade natural-edge desks in our industrial woodsheds harbouring a collective 125 (-ish) years of timber buying expertise but we don’t for one minute take that knowledge for granted.

We’ve walked in your shoes.

Been intimidated by the racked out uber-sheds, the stacks of packs, the timber-speak and the surly stance. We don’t do that here. We do things differently.

And today, as strange as it may seem for a woodyard, differently means digitally.

Under normal circumstances differently means personally.

We have a wonderful woodyard on the south downs way full to the gunwales of beautiful, high quality, extraordinary wood. We welcome our customers here and we give them the space and time and personal assistance when they want or need it to select their own timber.

We don’t presume to know what they want. We’re thrilled we have what they need.

Taking precautions whilst we live and work with coronavirus means we’re trying to do more things differently.

We want to help keep you woodworking so we’re leaning on our digital tools to help give you the personal service you deserve.

Read our BUYING TIMBER ONLINE: Quick Look ‘How To’

Ok, so how do I buy the timber I need if I can’t come to the woodyard?

Would it surprise you to know that over half of our customers never come to our yard?!

We have customers here in deepest, darkest Sussex who’ve never visited us and we have customers scattered across our great nation and beyond who’ve never visited us either. It doesn’t stop them buying timber.

In these digital days being here in person’s just no longer necessary.

We’ve made sure you can see and search all of our stock, in detail, online (in truth, it’s faster and easier than searching in the woodsheds) and when it comes to selecting timber, either with you or for you, we can now we can do both digitally.

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