Burr Oak – Tree to board to….tree?!

Feb 12, 2019 | english hardwoods, furniture timber

Burr Oak always offers an abundance of extravagant swirls and cats paw clusters of small pin knots. Our latest batch of Burr Oak has an even more unique feature… They look like a tree! When the doors of our most recent kiln opened we uncovered an abundance of Pippy Oak Boules. Below is our favourite boards from the kiln!

Burr Oak

These striking boards of English Oak feature clusters of heavy pip which have dramatically altered the shape and profile of the wood. The unique outline of the boards here evoke the tall silhouettes of a group of Cypress trees, trees within trees.

Burr Oak

A full boule of Burr Oak


We have even given one of these boards the Hillgrove Timber treatment, here is a sneak peak straight from our new planer/ sander!!