Our Crooked Forest theory

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You’ve seen these pictures before right?

Us ‘tweeters’ have been puzzling over them for months now. Every now and then we re-visit the subject and come up with a flurry of ideas as to why these poor tortured arbres have grown the way they have.

Well, yesterday I might have accidentally discovered the reason these arboricultural specimens grew in such a weird way.

Now if you’re sitting comfortably, I shall begin… (*)


Wood Fair at West’s of East Dean

On the most fabulous weekend of the summer yet we had the pleasure of joining the Sussex wood-eratti in shorts, socks and sandals to celebrate summer solstice with Peter & Gil West and all their team at West’s of East Dean

wests of east dean - got the t-shirtBecause we spent so much time gassing with friends, selling wood and eating cake we didn’t do a terribly thorough job of recording our weekend…


Fresh Produce

For once I saw it, out of the corner of my eye.

Brian Harman's round timber lorryThe red flash of Brian Harman’s round timber lorry as it lunged past the  office and round the back to the air dried yard.

I can’t tell you how many times I have not noticed the bright flaming red, 20m long,  5m high, 40 tonne hunk of  timber carrying metal as it comes and goes like the will-o-the-wisp, in and out of our yard with it’s round timber loads.

Obviously I must be diligently concentrating  on something of huge importance at the time.

This time I caught it though (thought he could get by me did he?) so I scooped up the magic machine (for picture taking don’tcha know) and scrambled round in time to watch Brian offload.


The story of the Boules

Our sticking team is busy in the yard putting together some gorgeous fresh sawn T&T boules, all sourced from sustainable managed British woodlands.

logs waiting to be cut fresh cut waney edge boules ashboules to be sticked

We’ve got air dried Oak, Elm (both pippy!) Chestnut, Ash, Cedar of Lebanon, Scots Pine, Wellingtonia, & Yew with Sycamore, Plane & Beech jumping th e queue straight to the kiln & into Peter’s shed ready for use. They’re a cabinetmaker’s dream!


Heal’s unplugged & the talented Mr Cox

Friday is  probably my favourite day of the week. I try to celebrate it inhouse with cake of some description, but last Friday cake was not to be.

Instead, I got a special pass to leave the South Downs behind me and travel cross country to Kent to go coppicing.

I’ve had offers to go coppicing before believe it or not, and I’ve forfeited these generous invites in favour of a hard day’s graft infront of a backlit screen. Well this time the invite was to spend the day unplugged amongst fellow desk dwellers so I said ‘Yes’ for once.

The occasion was a Heal’s initiated escape to the woods

Heal's building Tottenham Court Road

with Victoria, Cameron and the team behind Discover: The Modern Craft Market (a temporary craft market for designer-makers at Heal’s Tottenham Court Road store) and host for the day was one of Heal’s very own designer-makers, the talented Mr Sebastian Cox.

Seb cox furniture

A furniture maker who combines a design & fine furniture training with hands on experience of coppice & woodland work producing pieces in a very particular, very refined flavour of ‘sustainable’.


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