Customer Spotlight: Ornate Interiors

Meet Ornate Interiors…

Who are they, and what do they do?

Ornate Interiors was founded over twenty years ago, and they’re still combining technical knowledge and creativity, manufacturing and installing decorative plasterwork for interiors and exteriors, conserving and restoring historic plasterwork, along with a range of expert services. Thanks to their team of industry specialists, Ornate Interiors have earned an enviable reputation for consistently delivering high quality and effective plastering solutions.

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Wood Knowledge: An Introduction To Ash

Owner and MD Tom gives an introduction to Ash, both the tree and the timber.

Ash is a very important native tree and an excellent woodworking timber. As a chartered forester as well as expert timber buyer Tom is deeply knowledgeable. We’re doing our best to brain drain him for his specialist wood knowledge to help us all grow more informed about trees, timber and our British wood culture.

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Our People: Wayne Racey

Modest as the day is long & dyed in the wool woodgeek to boot.

To describe Wayne Racey as a modest man is an understatement.

If you ask him what he does, he’ll say “Oh, I just pull orders for clients” or “I’m just the guy from the kiln-dry shed”. Of course, as everyone who works at our Cocking sawmill knows, Wayne is a lot more than that. If Wayne doesn’t do it, we don’t need it. (more…)

Customer Spotlight: Kraftwork Ltd

Meet Kraftwork…


Who are they, and what do they do?

For two decades, the team at Kraftwork have been creating bespoke kitchens and furniture, using the best materials and always ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship. From initial concepts through to manufacture and installation, Kraftwork offers a high-end service at every stage of the process – all under the watchful eye of master craftsman and company owner, Phillip Brown.

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About Us: Forward Motion & Constant Change

Owner and director, Ian McNally talks about our culture of continuous improvement.

He describes developments that have been made over time at English Woodlands Timber and the meaningful changes we’ve made to buildings, workshop services, digital infrastructure and stock streams and he gives you an insight into the people implementing that change.

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