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VACANCIES: Timber Machinist/Timber Selector

Become a key member of our timber team working with high quality
timber for furniture designers and makers, joiners and carpenters,
timber framers, building companies and timber merchants.
Based in glorious Cocking, West Sussex in the South Downs National
Park. (more…)

Oak – Beyond Prime there is Super Prime

Super Prime is a term that indicates a grade ‘above’ Prime.

In truth, technically Super Prime hasn’t been documented or normalised as a timber grade in the UK and isn’t a scientifically recognised term. It’s a description we use of a grade that goes above and beyond normal Prime Oak timber qualities and requirements. (more…)

Talk about Tannin

OR How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tannin.

There aren’t many certainties in this life but the presence of Tannin in Oak and Chestnut is definitely one of them.

Both of these popular timber species have high levels of Tannic acid (it’s actually Quertannic acid but let’s call it Tannin for short). In fact, most tree and plant species contain tannin in varying levels and strengths. We’re mostly concerned with Oak and Chestnut because these two beloved timber species have high levels of tannin and we use them for just about everything. (more…)

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