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Our most frequently asked Coronovirus questions…

During this difficult and challenging time we’re adhering to government advice* on operating, which means our woodyard is closed and our machines are still. Most of our team are furloughed but we do have a small crew – Tom, Ian, Chris & Sarah – who are working remotely.

We’ve also been quiet on our favourite social media platforms and haven’t sent any emails out to faithful subscribers. Instead we’ve been taking the time to reflect, problem solve and do some serious future-planning.

We know from calls and emails that you have many questions so we want to answer the most common ones for you here…

Let’s start with…

Q. Are you open?

A. Well, our woodyard is closed but our phone line is open so you can call us during normal office hours (8am-4pm) and of course you can email us as our email inbox is open 24/7!


Q. Can we get advice, a quote or place an order? 

A. Of course! Call, email or use our online quote form and we’ll happily give you a price and any advice you need.

Anything you want to order will be actioned as soon as the woodyard is running again.

Plus we have lots of information on our website about our products and you can search and select from our stock live.

Here’s a link to our stocklist
Here’s a link for woodyard updates

Here’s a link to our Quick Look ‘how to’ for buying timber online


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