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We’re Small Timber Business of the Year…

and it’s down to you!


Ian Mcnally and Tom Compton Team EWT won small timber business of the year at TTJ awards 2019 presented by and Zoe Lyons

Remember all those emails you received from us back in April and May? All those Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts asking you to Vote For Us? Boy did we go on, and on.

It was the first time the Timber Trades Journal had ever opened up the awards to online voting and it turns out you exercised your rights as bonafide timber buyers and voted in your droves.

Now, because of you we’re Small Timber Business of the Year! (more…)

WYSIWYG Hardwood Hit-The-Road-Jack Rack Sale

We did it in September and it was so much fun we’re going to do it again. Yes woodfans & woodfolks, we’re having another 50% Off Sale in the Timber Rack!

the hardwood timber rack rammed to the gunwhales ready for the 50% off sale in January in english wodlands timber woodyard

On Saturday the 25th January our woodshed doors will be open from 10am to 2pm to let you at the cream of the english hardwood crop.


Then for the rest of the week… from the Monday 27th to Friday 31st of January… you can come and go as you please during normal woodyard hours ( 8am-4pm) and everything in The Rack will stay 50% Off, just for you.

We’ve spent that last couple of weeks loading up the 3 big timber racks and the back wall behind them with british hardwoods such as our deliciously figured Elm, silken grained Ash, rich golden Chestnut, piles of grand old Quercus Robur* not to mention as many bits of Yew, Cedar of Lebanon, Walnut and Beech we could fit in the spaces in between. There are long boards, short boards. Natural-edge boards and square edge cut to size bits. Biscuit thin slivers and unwieldy lumps and they’re ALL 50% off the marked up prices.

It’s quite possible you won’t know where to start when you get here but you’ll probably get over that once you’ve got some competition lining up beside you. If you do get overwhelmed / overwraught / thoroughly flummoxed worry not, we promise we’ll sit you down and feed you coffee and biscuits until the caffeine and sugar get you properly un-flummoxed and back on track. (more…)

Green Oak; A New Year’s Revelation

It’s January 2020. A fresh start. Clean slate. New horizons. Resolutions. You know the drill. Feels good doesn’t it?

fresh sawn oak custom cutting list for timber framing

Well, here’s a resolute revelation that’s a fresh start on a new horizon with a clean slate, just for you.

Yup, this January we’re starting a-fresh with green oak. We have the opportunity to reduce the £/M3 prices for custom fresh sawn Oak orders over 0.5m3 because the Euro to GBP rate has shifted in our favour and in yours YOU too. So guess what? We’re passing the price reduction on.

Did we mention it’s a 10% reduction?!


Chestnut Laths; A Stick Up(date)

Welcome to the world of sweet chestnut coppiced woodland, the home of the hand riven chestnut lath.

coppice chestnut woodland on cowdray estate

This is no ordinary woodland.

In fact, we’re going to come right out and say it… this is not a natural woodland. This is a coppice. A pact between human and nature where human vows to tend and nature does what she does to the best of her ability. (more…)

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