It’s all about the wood

we enjoy our twitter presence

It’s all about the wood…

Twitter has opened up a fantastic channel for English Woodlands Timber to engage with some our customers, prospective customers, suppliers and end users.

We know that this medium does not suit everyone but I wanted to share with you some of the stories we are tweeting. The challenge we have is getting the tone right. It is essential that this is not seen as a pure selling tool but as a way of delivering valuable information to our customers…

Our “Photos and Videos” TAB on Twitter is a great way of viewing our story in picture form…

We have posted a number of customer gems – here are some of my favourites;

Wicked Box Car’s American Black Walnut Table – View on Twitter

a twitter pick of wicked boxcar waney edge table

Tom Cunninghams’s Elm table with the resin infill – View on Twitter

tom cunnighams beautiful desk

This Sycamore Bike – my next treat!! (…..when I get taller) – View on Twitter

wooden bike ash bikeframe

This Cedar of Lebanon Boule that has was cut last season and has now been kilned and sitting in the shed ………..not for long! – View on Twitter

enormous cedar boules are coming out of the kiln

We would welcome your comments about of TWITTER page and the quality of our tweets.

Please share your product photos with us and we will happily publish them to our 2,376+ followers.

Also, check out the English Woodlands Forestry Twitter Page – we only launched this last year and the Forestry team are already up to 725 followers…

out sister company cocking forestery are on twitter

As always, thanks so much for watching and until next time…  

From the gang at
English Woodlands Timber & Forestry

30 million tonnes of UK timber!

Unlocking the potential in the UK’s un-managed woodlands…


A Grown in Britain consortium, led by English Woodlands Timber, has been awarded funding by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, to explore how hardwood supply chains in the UK could be improved.

As part of the research for this project, Grown in Britain would like your help to identify the hardwood timber application and species specified/purchased/supplied for UK construction projects over the last 12 months by completing an online survey.

Dougal Driver, Grown in Britain Chief Executive comments: “There are more than 30 million tonnes of timber in unmanaged woodlands throughout the UK, which the project will begin the process of unlocking.”

“With the UK relying on high levels of imported timber this Grown in Britain project is vital to breaking down barriers within the supply chain for home-grown hardwood, making it much more accessible and readily available.”

Specifically aimed at construction supply chains, project partners include the BRE, the Forestry Commission, forest and wood charity the Sylva Foundation, building contractor Willmott Dixon, and representatives of the timber and merchant sectors. Consultants Sustainable Construction Solutions and Resource Efficiency Services (RES) are special advisors on the project.

The key aim of the project is to improve the flow of hardwood timber from UK woodlands, so that the experience of the end customer is improved. The project will have five main work streams: market research, timber stock funding options, a timber supply hub, material efficiencies and industry engagement.

Our innovative Stock Search tool will form the foundation of research into the development of a timber supply hub. The Search Tool has gained in popularity and we now get over 2000 visits per month. This has resulted in us selling timber as far afield as Bangkok!

our innovative stock search tool supports grown in britain timber sales

The project started in October 2015, and will run for 12 months.

For more information on the project and details of how to get involved please click here.

About Us: A Working Woodyard

Here at English Woodlands Timber, situated in the heart of the South Downs National Park, we stock and supply fresh-sawn, air-dried and kiln-dried timbers. These are carefully selected for our wide range of clients – architects, builders and bespoke furniture makers. We pride ourselves on our heritage, tradition, quality and customer service. We are a knowledgeable, friendly team – always happy to show you around our timber yard and help with your selection. Do use our online stock search tool to see some of our favourite pieces of timber and traditional woodland products. Our timber is your timber.

Watch more English Woodlands Timber videos on YouTube


Summer holiday is over… back to work!

Actually, relax and put your feet up. We’ve got some videos for you…

Can you believe we have had 12,000 views of our video entitled “A Sawmill at Work” which we have had on our website home page. Not surprising given that we are now getting over 10,000 visits to our website per month!

Given the success of video as a means of explaining what we do, we have invested in developing a YouTube channel for both our Timber and Forestry businesses. We are still in the early stages of this project but we hope to collect a library of videos that we hope you will enjoy.

The first step was producing our own video introducing English Woodlands Timber! – have a peep and tell us what you think?

In an effort to explain to prospective customers what we do and how we do it we have also produced a video with Stephen Anthony Design. It is our hope prospective customers will understand why Stephen Anthony Design choose us as their supplier of timber – tell us if you think we have managed to convey this message?

Please share your video favourites with us and we will post them on our YouTube channel.

As always, thanks so much for watching and until next time…

From the gang at
English Woodlands Timber & Forestry

Just call us GiB-LO!

Coming to you from the Grown in Britain website:


Tom Compton MD English Woodlands Forestry English Woodlands Timber become one of the latest wood processors to receive their Grown in Britain licence

The licence allows the prestigious and sought after Grown in Britain trademark to be applied to licensed material from the company, demonstrating it’s local credentials and feeding the increasing demand for the brand on products.

Tom Compton form English Woodlands Timber said:

“We are delighted to have been awarded our Grown in Britain licence. As a business focussed heavily on timber from British Forests and Woodlands this fits perfectly with our ethos and heritage and our Grown in Britain Chain of Custody licence enables us to link British woodlands to wood users in the most effective and understood way.”


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