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A Hillgrove Timber Story

Take a time out, grab a coffee and watch this little film made by Will Scott. It stars some remarkable Elm boards from The Reserve in a collaboration with Simon Thomas Pirie furniture and HIllgrove Timber Co. 

Feel free to share it with this link

Woodspotters of the World Unite…


As dyed in the wool woodfans we EWT-ers have a pathological compulsion to admire something (anything) made of wood, wherever and whenever we find it.

It’s a behaviour well-known to our long suffering family and friends most of whom have learned to see the signs and exercise appropriate methods of restraining said woodspotter e.g. “no we are not driving to Eindhoven this weekend to see Biobasecamp, it’s your parents diamond wedding anniversary”.

You get the picture

(nice pun huh?) (more…)

More WYSIWYG (a Timber Rack Sale)

natural edge boards lined up in the timber rack

It’s a rack rummager’s dream come true… a HALF PRICE timber sale!

Yes woodfans & woodfolks, we’re having our first timber rack sale in ages and it’s going to be a beauty. For one week, from Saturday 7th September to Friday 13th of September everything in The Rack will be 50% OFF!

For one week The Rack is going to be the star of the show.

We’re going to load it up with rows and rows of luscious homegrown timber, maybe a smattering of european hardwood and a right old mixture of square-edge-anything-goes type stuff. (more…)

119 First Cuts of Burr Elm

When we put a log on the bandsaw there’s always a decision  to make about what the first cut will be. This first piece sawn for purely practical reasons, making a flat surface for the rest of the log to sit on the dogs* safely and securely without rolling around.

We are bound by the laws of sawmilling to think about how our customers will use the wood from the logs we saw so we make our choice based on the best possible use of the log and sadly, that requires a sacrifice.

Decisions, decisions.

Will it be best as 41 or 65 mm for joinery use or should it be 54mm for worktops and table tops? (more…)

Your Vote Counts at the TTJ Awards 2019

The folks at Timber Trades Journal go all out audacious to make Your Vote Count at the 2019 TTJ Awards!



Voting is power. This week of all weeks that message is being brought home to us. It’s your opportunity to be heard, to contribute, to be responsible. It’s the power to change something and it’s yours. What happens when you vote? People hear you, they listen, they respond.


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