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Our lockdown FAQ’s updated

The coronavirus lockdown is easing and things are slowly moving again so we’ve revised our FAQ’s to keep you up to date with going’s on…

Here are our FAQ’s just for you.


Q. Are you open?

A. Production is fully functioning and running at full speed but our woodyard is still closed to visitors.

Q. Can we get advice, a quote or place an order? 

A. Of course! We’re available during normal office hours (8am-5pm) for calls and email responses.

Q. Are you still taking orders? 

Absolutely. We never stopped taking orders even during the production hiatus but we’re now up and running taking and producing orders all day long.

Q. What’s the lead-time on orders? 

Our lead-times are back normal.

  • 2-3 day lead time on video appointments
  • 1-2 week lead time on picking lists & boards to make via video
  • 1-2 week lead time for cts & machining
  • 2-3 week lead time for homegrown fresh sawn cladding & structural timber
  • 1-2 week lead time on fresh sawn timber cladding & structural timber coming from France

the only difference is that we’ve added Video Appointments to our service to replace self-selection, if you haven’t done it yet give it a try!

Q. How can I buy timber if I can’t come to the woodyard? 

Completely remotely, that’s how.

We’ve always done your quotes and taken your orders remotely via phone or email so no change there.

The online stocklist lets you search through every piece of timber in the woodyard – non-stop changes there but we’ll tell you’ll  about those another time.

But here’s the BIG change… we’ve added Timber Selection by Video to replace self-selection. Sounds a bit bizarre but it works really well.

Here’s the Quick Look ‘how to’ to find out more

Q. Can I still collect my order myself or book a delivery? 

A. The simple is yes.

We’re arranging deliveries as normal and we have a contact-less protocol for our drivers that we hope all our customers will respect too.

For collections, same thing. We have a contact-less collection protocol here at the yard that allows you to arrange for your collection and receive your timber with zero contact.


So there it is in a slightly large nutshell.

We’ll soon have contact-less timber buying down to a fine art and you’ll wonder why you ever did it another way!

We hope those answers have eased your concerns a little.

And make sure you let us know what’s happening with you. Tell us what we can do to support you and your business now and when we eventually open our gates again.

Talk to us 01730 816941

Write to us

Get a Quote

Check the stock

And here’s our Quick Look ‘how to’ for buying timber online

We’re here for you 24/7 in some way shape or form.

Stay safe wood people,
the EWT gang



BUYING TIMBER ONLINE Pt 1: Differently Means Digitally
BUYING TIMBER Pt 2: You Choose
BUYING TIMBER Pt 3: Collections & Deliveries
COVID-19 Woodyard Updates



Search the online stock
Get a quote on a cutting list
Get in touch


We’ll be adhering to Government Guidelines & stying up to date.


Why Vote For Us?

In the whole timber industry scheme of things English Woodlands Timber are small.

nick doing virtual timber selection with a customer via video link

We don’t have a turnover in the billions (in truth we’re £3-4m). We don’t do global imports and we don’t offer every species in every size. We focus on homegrown timber, native species and sustainable sourcing. We do our best to promote the supply chain for British forestry and support small to medium woodworking businesses.

We’re working on being LEAN, being Agile and being better.

Our work is about serving the needs of you and your customers in the most sustainable, least wasteful, most efficient way possible with the best people, the best service and the best timber we can.



What’s Your Story?

We hear things are tough for all of you woodworkers right now.


We understand from calls and emails over the last few weeks that you’re trying to respect government guidelines, you’re staying at home, working remotely, woodworking whilst keeping distance from colleagues & even working in workshops on your own.


Today at English Woodlands Timber we’re starting to operate with a skeleton staff, endeavouring to keep our people safe whilst beginning to fulfil your orders.

The woodyard remains strictly closed to visitors but we will create a method of contact-less collection and delivery for all orders.


So, how about you?


Our most frequently asked Coronovirus questions…

During this difficult and challenging time we’re adhering to government advice* on operating, which means our woodyard is closed and our machines are still. Most of our team are furloughed but we do have a small crew – Tom, Ian, Chris & Sarah – who are working remotely.

We’ve also been quiet on our favourite social media platforms and haven’t sent any emails out to faithful subscribers. Instead we’ve been taking the time to reflect, problem solve and do some serious future-planning.

We know from calls and emails that you have many questions so we want to answer the most common ones for you here…

Let’s start with…

Q. Are you open?

A. Well, our woodyard is closed but our phone line is open so you can call us during normal office hours (8am-4pm) and of course you can email us as our email inbox is open 24/7!


Q. Can we get advice, a quote or place an order? 

A. Of course! Call, email or use our online quote form and we’ll happily give you a price and any advice you need.

Anything you want to order will be actioned as soon as the woodyard is running again.

Plus we have lots of information on our website about our products and you can search and select from our stock live.

Here’s a link to our stocklist
Here’s a link for woodyard updates

Here’s a link to our Quick Look ‘how to’ for buying timber online


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