About Us: Our Lean Journey – ReThinking Square Edge Packs

We set out on a lean thinking project to reduce our waste margins and ended up counting every piece of timber in the woodyard.

In this video Ian McNally – one half of our owner / director duo – explains how and why, as a timber merchant, we’ve been re-thinking our square edge packs.

Lean logic has reduction of waste at it’s core, so when things were getting pretty hairy back in March 2020 we galvanised around ways to get better at what we do for the sake of our customers, their businesses and our own.

But where to start? (more…)

Our People: Graham Oliver

An archetypal outdoors-man with the greenest fingers on the block.

Graham has been part of our English Woodlands Timber team for going on 17 years.

He joined us in 2003 after a successful career in farming. How successful you ask? Well, in 2002 he was awarded the DEFRA Cup for producing the best marrowfat peas in the UK! (more…)

Customer Spotlight: Green Oak Building Co

Meet Green Oak Building Co…

James Brown, founder of the company, is a carpenter by trade. He discovered his passion for traditional construction techniques through his apprenticeship in oak framing. When he founded The Green Oak Building Company, he pledged to build exclusively using green oak timber framed structures, to ensure the continued creation of unique heritage buildings and extensions.


Seasons Greetings

We hope you enjoy this festive animation made by Thomas WH Compton especially for you, our dedicated woodfans.


Thank You for your patience, your loyalty and your business this past year. We look forward to working with you in a better and happier New Year.

Best wishes, Tom, Ian and the EWT gang.

Film by Thomas WH Compton
Sound effects obtained from Zapplat

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Last Orders & Christmas Closing

Here’s a heads-up for all you hardworking woodfans…

Tuesday 15th Dec at 5pm is our ‘last orders’ day at the woodyard for the SHOP & for new PICKING LISTS.

That means orders made by 5pm on the 15th will still be processed, collected or despatched but 5pm is our cut off point to guarantee the 3-5 day lead time.

From the 15th onwards we’ll gladly take your SHOP and PICKING LIST orders and we’ll still do our best to get them out to you but depending on volume, they may have to wait to be processed and despatched in the New Year when we’re back from our break.

The #TimberRack is still open of course & it will remain that way until Monday 21st December at 4pm. There are time-slots still available so don’t be shy, get on the booking system and call dibs on a slot with Ben & he’ll sort you out with some goodies to keep you busy over the break.

Speaking of our break… the woodyard & offices will be closed from Tue 22nd of December at midday and will open up again on Monday the Jan 4th at 8am.

Yup, we get a whole 2 weeks off! Aren’t we lucky woodfolk?!

But we close we’ll still be taking calls, checking inboxes, ploughing through quotes & processing your orders. We’ll be buzzing right up until a minute before midday on Tuesday so worry not.

Just send your quotes over a.s.a.p. and we’ll get your orders all lined up ready to go in the New Year.

If you find yourself desperate for structural timber at the last minute we’ve always got beam stock in the yard.  You can check availability and prices online. You can complete a picking list of beams and Graham will do his best to squeeze them through the system.

Shout if we can help with anything else folks.

We’ll always do our best for you.

From the getting-slightly-merry-now EWT gang

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