B.C…. Before Cabin

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Should we start a new calendar from today… from the first day in the life of our new portacabin ?

It is going to go down as quite a landmark moment at Cocking Sawmills, I can tell.. teahuts don’t grow on trees for timber suppliers you know.. !

graham worked hard as usual

So Graham worked hard, as usual, getting the site ready for our new Cabin and then all of a sudden it was here…  coming round the corner of the machine shed on a very smart lorry.

here it comes, new tea hut to be.. now we're happy timber suppliers

And then it was Graham again who helped the obliging and skilful Mr Mears off load and position the new blue room with that giant of a HIAB crane.

look at the size of that HIAB crane arm !

There it was then..

And here it is now. Home and dry. One staff cabin parked and ready for ‘plugging in’… which our electrician Andy Squires should do any day now. Success !

now we're happy timber suppliers, we have a new cabin for tea breaks

So this rather incongruous looking converted container is going to be our new teahut, and now we are going to make it into the perfect cosy changing room and staffroom for our precious yard staff, Peter, Graham, Philip and not forgetting our newest recruit  young Grant  – he took all the pictures.. thank you Grant.

I say ‘we’ are going to..  but I have a feeling that it might be Philip doing most of the work.. sorry Philip… because he’s so good at it!!

So next time your visiting your favourite local timber supplier (that’s us 🙂 on the way to choose some lovely wood ask the guys how their lovely new cabin suits them.. if you can get them out of it..!!

And the tell us what colour you think we should paint it… ??!

portacabin delivery for cocking sawmills! now we're happy timber suppliers

Our cabin was expertly delivered by Mr Mears – look at that super HIAB truck.! – on behalf of Portable Facilities UK Ltd  http://www.portablefacilities.co.uk/ who have been fantastic.

Mo has put up with me emailing him about 6 times a day for the past couple of weeks until we finally made our mind up this Monday, and look! Here we are two days later with our nice new cabin in situ! Fantastic service. It doesn’t really get better then that does it ?

So if you need a timber supplier in need of a portacabin you know where to go !


And if you need wood you know where to come 🙂

Here you go… check our stock whilst you’re sitting there

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  • Posted January 17, 2012 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

    WOW! those green roof shelters are fantastic! That is a great idea for our teahut.. I can’t wait to show the guys.. What a great website you have too.. love it!

  • Posted January 17, 2012 at 11:15 am | Permalink

    Had some english elm from you last year. All used in a clients kitchen.

    I like the blog.

    When thinking about how to decorate your tea room you could look at what we do to containers…http://greenroofshelters.co.uk/green-roof-shelters-container-family for inspiration.

    You could just fix some off cuts of timber to the outside and with holes drilled in for solitary bees… http://greenroofshelters.co.uk/habitat-panels

  • Posted January 16, 2012 at 8:39 am | Permalink

    it has to be green really doesn’t it? and I love the idea of a mural…

  • Posted January 13, 2012 at 6:02 pm | Permalink

    I think you should base colour it green to blend in and then paint a countryside and wildlife mural onto it.

  • Posted December 23, 2011 at 9:08 am | Permalink

    eddad writes glad the staff now have a ‘welfare facility’ No doubt a woodfuel stove will be installed to burn the company’s offcuts (there’s some nice chunks of walnut around!).

    in eco terms cladding with foam and feather edge WR cedar ex stock ‘wood’ act as a good demo installation and also keep it warm in winter and not roasting in summer (carbon neutrality to the fore!).

    any colour but bright blue to merge into the countryside from drab olive to brown or in camouflage stripes!

  • Posted December 22, 2011 at 7:02 pm | Permalink

    Hi steve, i think you should paint it green to blend with the enviroment or maybe brown, or you could go the whole hog and paint it yellow with pink circles like mr blobby,(or not).
    well done on the blog, we can keep up with all your news.

    sharon, unique wild wood furniture