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Sep 3, 2020 | english hardwoods

Buying Timber Using Click & Collect


The process of selecting timber is traditionally hands-on, but with the country still reeling from the arrival of Covid-19 we’ve modified the way we work. We’ve made remote timber buying simple whilst keeping our people and our customers safe.


select your own timber in the woodshed at cocking sawmills. English Woodlands Timber

Read on to discover how we helped Jonathan from Bristol find the perfect timber for a kitchen joinery project.

Choosing The Right Timber

“I’ve used English Woodlands Timber in the past, but I’ve always picked timber by hand with the help of the guys in the stock shed. Picking online was a little different, but actually pretty straightforward. I spent a bit of time on the website, in the stock list, hunting for the Oak I wanted using the search filters to whittle things down to get the right size boards but keeping within the client budget. I kept adding boards with the right spec as I found them, into a picking list – a bit like a shopping basket – and and then I made my final selection from that list. Luckily you can get in quite close with the zoom to see the grain details so I was confident about the selection.”


Working With The Team

“Once I’d settled on the boards I wanted for the kitchen worktops, I clicked send on the picking list and it went off to the team with a few contact details. The office got in touch with a couple of questions about machining, to check dimensions and also to check how I wanted the finished boards to look. A week later Ben called me to confirm that he checked the oak boards I’d selected matched my spec and should be perfect for the job, he said they’d be ready for delivery or collection from the following day.”

“There was a bit of paperwork to do – but this was all done by email so it was very easy to sort out – basically an order confirmation and an invoice. Ben took the time to double-check the spec and the measurements with me and then I completed the purchase using the secure online payment process.”


Collecting the Timber

“Once the payment had gone through, I booked an appointment for collection, which again was a very simple process. When I turned up I had to stay in the van and Ben came out to point me to the despatch area which I was glad to see was set up outside. Then, with out marks on and with Ben at a safe distance I was able to view and check the boards, Ben even turned them for me so I could see both sides and as they were small enough pieces he left me to load them into the van myself. That was it! No hanging around at all – i was probably in and out in about 10 minutes, my fastest visit yet! And it was completely contact-free but with no awkwardness.”

“The quality of the timber was superb and the service was spot on. Again, all contact-free.  I left the woodyard a happy bunny and the only thing I’d do differently, if anything, is maybe just get a delivery next time and save the driving time and miles on the van.”


We’re working tirelessly to ensure we can meet your timber needs without putting the safety of you and our people at risk. We’re doing our utmost to help you get what you need as quickly, as efficiently and as safely as we can.


Our Click and Collect service means…

> you can pick timber online – in your own time, in your own space
> you can make a picking list and send it through to us when you’re ready to order
> we’ll pull the boards for you and check them against your spec
> we’ll do all the ‘paperwork’ and the payment remotely
> you can collect by appointment
> or you can have a contact-less delivery


Thanks for reading,
The English Woodlands Timber team



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