Walnut… high in omega 3 fatty acids

700mm wide boards - making instant tables!!!!

700mm wide boards – making instant tables!!!!

The fruit of the Walnut tree is deemed a ‘super food’. Full of antioxidants, it is of great nutritional benefit to us humans, so it stands to reason that the wood of the Walnut tree is a ‘super wood’… full of incredible qualities and of huge nutritional benefit to us humans… well Ok, maybe not nutritional… but undoubtedly of benefit.



seach from a wide range of timber stocks

We’ve not met anyone yet that didn’t appreciate Walnut.

Walnut’s one of those timber species that people have at the top of their Christmas lists when they’re thinking of making something special.

It carries a lot of weight in a design for furniture or interior joinery aesthetically but it also gets the job done in terms of service and function.

Here’s the low down on it’s particular Walnut-ty qualities…


What’s in a name?

Well, Walnut timber comes from one of two variations of the Juglandaceae tree family. Our English and European stock is from the same Juglans regia tree and our Black Walnut is Juglans nigra tree. It’s also known as N.Am Walnut because that’s where a lot of this tree species is grown, but it’s also grown across Europe so if you’re interested in the provenance of your timber it’s worth checking origins.



Bear with us, because when it comes to descriptions on this particular species of timber can be a little schizophrenic as there two different trees involved!

So, Eng/Eu Walnut has a very varied grain pattern, it can be really swirly and wild (think gnarly growing trees) with sound knots incorporated into the flow of grain. It’s colouring is softer brown with contrasting cream sap. It’s sometimes a bit mousey until finished, but the more exciting boards are mixed with red-dy orange  and give a bit of a vivid highlight to the grain. Sometimes the European is steamed to try to even out (flatten) the colouring which can be useful (?) but mainly just flattens the colour…we don’t want that do we?

Black Walnut has a purple-y chocolate brown colouring, usually with a strong grain pattern but mostly quite straight. It’s harder to find wild patterns here because the trees just grown bigger and straighter (darn those straight growing trees!). But ‘bigger’ can be a good sign.. we’ve had some Juglans Regia recently that makes 800mm wide… that’s a tabletop right there! And of course the lengths are larger for this species too.


Timber of either tree works well with machine or hand tools but of course the grain pattern is going to play a part. That wild swirlyness needs more attention as the grain will be going in all directions. It’s hard and strong (if it were bigger and less swirly we’d all be using it for structural work!) and good for turning and carving. It is difficult to treat (acid content & density) being fairly dense and also moderately durable timber. It has medium moisture movement (beware trapped moisture in dense uneven grained timbers). The right glues and polishes work successfully.



Waney edge boards go from 20mm to 80mm in Thickness,  currently up to 940mm in Width and up to 4.3m in Length which is pretty gargantuan for Walnut!



Walnut timber is a specialist hardwood that is mainly used for furniture and interior joinery, although having said that it is durable and could be used externally too. So if you feel like creating something special we dare you to use it for external timber cladding.. we think that’d be amazing!



Our stock is mixed, we keep Kiln Dried waney edge and square edge although we’re stocking more waney edge than ever to serve our furniture makers better. We find waney edge gives more value for money aswell as more creative choice and opportunity to differentiate for our customers. There is always a chance we have some boules air drying too, so if you need a higher moisture content or you want to buy complete boules for stock these might suit you.


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the timber rack rammed to the gunwhales ready for the 50% off sale wood species elm and walnut Walnut waney edge boards the walnut stack looks tidy the english walnut will ll be present and correct



Walnut, high in omega fatty acids

american black walnut waney edge boards in the kiln dried stock shed american black walnut waney edge & square edge stock 

It’s True! The fruit of the Walnut tree is deemed a ‘super food’.

The Walnut, full of antioxidants, it is of great nutritional benefit to us humans. So it stands to reason that the wood of the tree is a ‘super wood’, full of incredible qualities and of huge nutritional benefit to us humans… well Ok, maybe not nutritional, but undoubtedly of benefit.


Customer Spotlight: Inglis Hall

Meet Inglis Hall…


Inglis Hall create kitchens made to order, made for living. They also create freestanding furniture, surfaces and spaces for other rooms. Everything they produce is designed and handmade from scratch in their workshop in East Sussex.

With more than three decades of experience, Toby Hall has a hands-on approach to his role as Head of Production, overseeing the manufacture of every project that comes to the Inglis Hall team. Working alongside Head of Design Peter Spence, whose eye for detail ensures each new piece leaves the workshop as beautiful as the last, Inglis Hall balances traditional cabinet making with contemporary design.

toby hall of inglis hall furniture makers at at work


Inglis Hall

Inglis Hall are kitchenmakers.

Toby Hall and Peter Spence will design and make you a sublime kitchen from solid wood that will last you a lifetime.

If you are yearning for a beautiful working kitchen for your home then you need to talk to Peter and Toby. They have a design sensibility that transcends contemporary style and instead is attuned to interpreting their clients desires and applying their craft.

They’re also creating a furniture range of oak furniture with beautiful pieces for those of us that aren’t quite ready for the kitchen of a lifetime – the Laine’s Collection


Contact Peter, Toby & team on the details below

Inglis Hall Ltd
Unit 3, Phoenix Works, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2PE

T. 01273 486177 E. info@inglishall.com


Read More about Inglis Hall

The Inglis Hall Gallery

bespoke design for dining stool in oak by inglish hall laines a beautiful kitchen interior built by inglis hall in walnut and deep moss green winchester


The Wooden Chopping Board Company

These nice people have mastered of the art of making  extraordinary chopping boards.

Chief Sawdust Maker Mike and his small team of super makers in Leamington Spa are bent on making high quality bread boards, chopping boards & butcher blocks that have a low environmental impact and will last a lifetime.

At the Wooden Chopping Board Co a sustainable ethos is built into every area of their business which we really admire. Mike purposefully chooses homegrown timber species like Elm, Oak, Walnut, Chestnut for his woodworking, he’s part of a tree planting scheme for re-stocking and woodland creation and he’s very thoughtful about customer service and satisfaction.

Take a look at the truly incredible chopping boards on their WCBC website and read more about their ethical approach to life and chopping board making.

If you care about the planet and you need a forever chopping board The Wooden Chopping Board Co are your kind of people.

Contact Mike & gang on the details below

The Wooden Chopping Board Company
Leamington Spa CV32

T. 0330 001 0318  E. support@woodenchoppingboards.co.uk


WYSIWYG Hardwood Hit-The-Road-Jack Rack Sale

We did it in September and it was so much fun we’re going to do it again. Yes woodfans & woodfolks, we’re having another 50% Off Sale in the Timber Rack!

the hardwood timber rack rammed to the gunwhales ready for the 50% off sale in January in english wodlands timber woodyard

On Saturday the 25th January our woodshed doors will be open from 10am to 2pm to let you at the cream of the english hardwood crop.


Then for the rest of the week… from the Monday 27th to Friday 31st of January… you can come and go as you please during normal woodyard hours ( 8am-4pm) and everything in The Rack will stay 50% Off, just for you.

We’ve spent that last couple of weeks loading up the 3 big timber racks and the back wall behind them with british hardwoods such as our deliciously figured Elm, silken grained Ash, rich golden Chestnut, piles of grand old Quercus Robur* not to mention as many bits of Yew, Cedar of Lebanon, Walnut and Beech we could fit in the spaces in between. There are long boards, short boards. Natural-edge boards and square edge cut to size bits. Biscuit thin slivers and unwieldy lumps and they’re ALL 50% off the marked up prices.

It’s quite possible you won’t know where to start when you get here but you’ll probably get over that once you’ve got some competition lining up beside you. If you do get overwhelmed / overwraught / thoroughly flummoxed worry not, we promise we’ll sit you down and feed you coffee and biscuits until the caffeine and sugar get you properly un-flummoxed and back on track. (more…)

Customer Spotlight: The Wooden Chopping Board Co

Meet The Wooden Chopping Board Company…

Who are they, and what do they do?

In 2016, The Wooden Chopping Board Company sold their first chopping board. Focusing on quality, unusual and unique designs, they craft cutting boards, butchers blocks and accessories, and they’re dedicated to the use of timber from sustainable sources. They might be a cosy operation – but they work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality products.

Wooden Chopping Board Co K4A6175

There was a time when people were all about plastic chopping boards. After using wood for thousands of years, suddenly the humble chopping board had been upgraded. People assumed that plastic boards – easier to wipe down, and not at all porous – were more hygienic. Actually, the opposite is true. Plastic boards nurture bacteria in the tiny scars that appear during daily use. With wood, moisture is drawn into the centre of the board, and the bacteria dies. The University of Wisconsin found that salmonella thrived on a plastic board, but couldn’t survive a night on a wooden cutting board.

So, wood makes for a more hygienic kitchen environment – but there are implications for the global environment, too. Let’s say you throw your old, scarred plastic chopping board away. It’ll still be here in a thousand years. Possibly longer – we don’t really know how long it takes plastic to decompose. We know it takes a wooden chopping board only a few years.

The Wooden Chopping Board Company is committed to integrating sustainability across all business practices, reducing the impact of their operations on the environment where possible. Their business ethos is thorough, from raw materials to packaging. They exclusively source from suppliers with sustainable management practice, which means no illegally harvested wood, or wood harvested in violation of human rights. They also support various environmental charities, including the Woodland Trust and the Marine Conservation Society – they switch it up every now and then – but always plant a tree for every chopping board they sell, as part of their commitment to One Tree Planted. At the time of writing, they’ve planted 1400 trees, across Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Americas.

Project Spotlight

The Wooden Chopping Board Company offers a wide range of boards, from The Rabbit (small, minimalist and oak) to Rule Britannia, a sturdy and distinctive design featuring English Oak, Sapele and American Maple, with tidy chamfered edges. We love their Stumpy chopping boards, which are created using cross sections of Oak or Beech, filled with vibrant resin after drying.

As one reviewer shared: “A most attractive board from this pleasingly ethical company. Easy and speedy transaction. I shall buy another item when it’s back in stock.”


Timber Spotlight

The Wooden Chopping Board Company works in collaboration with English Woodlands Timber to produce eye-catching chopping boards, knife storage and rolling pins in a variety of options, including cherry, walnut, sycamore, maple and beech.

Maple and beech are perfect options for chopping boards, thanks to their long life and their self-healing properties – meaning scratches and scars will party repair, automatically. All of The Wooden Chopping Boards Company’s boards are handmade in Warwickshire, and protected with board butter (their own recipe) to prevent cracking and loss of natural oils, and to maintain water resistance.

Find out more about The Wooden Chopping Board Co
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