Customer Spotlight: JLA Joinery

Meet JLA Joinery…

JLA Joinery have been honing their trade for over 30 years, delivering the highest standards of craftsmanship to every one of their customers throughout West Sussex and beyond. With a customer focus, they oversee every bespoke joinery and carpentry project, from staircases and handcrafted windows to sturdy doors and purpose built furniture.

JLA Joinery bespoke kitchen


Customer Spotlight: ELK Kitchens

Meet ELK Kitchens…

ELK (that’s Extreme Logic Kitchens) provide a genuine alternative to the status-quo. They build unique kitchens from their own concepts, designed to minimise material and redefine functionality. The team’s incredibly clever geometric designs innovate the construction of kitchens, always providing unsurpassed quality to their customers.

elk kitchens extraordinary O45 feature island

ELK’s team is driven by smart thinking and concepts that differentiate them from the competition. They offer three innovative systems for kitchen construction, each built on a foundation of unique, clever geometry:

The first; the O’45 (example above) was born of a desire to create an innovative design approach that would lead to a new aesthetic. The result is a design that balances modern engineering with traditional craftsmanship. Super-efficient, function focused utility centres are crafted to deliver a genuine alternative to traditional kitchen design.

The second. GRID. was designed to elevate the “linear” urban kitchen to a new level. ELK’s innovative system offers customers the ability to create truly bespoke kitchens designed to fit any space. The quality of materials is elevated from generic man-made boards to finely crafted, engineered hardwood.

The third: ARC, represents the high point of ELK’s liberated kitchen system. Logic taken to the extreme generates a fluid free-form expression. Craftsmanship and technology fuse to create extraordinary geometries which are timeless and peerless.

ELK raises the bar by pairing exceptional utility with optimised storage; their clever engineering transforms storage into display, pairs functionality with intuition, uses less floor space, and pursues sustainability in its truest sense – less is more.

ELK’s philosophies inform every project they take on, and sustainability is ingrained in everything they do. The team behind ELK have been at the forefront of designing sustainable environments for over 30 years, and now they’re applying their thinking to kitchens. Their design approach continually reviews the relationship between process, geometry and material, helping them use less than half the material of a conventional material. As a result of efficiency of storage, ELK can achieve more with less.

ELK’s approach uses the highest quality FSC approved natural materials (that’s where we come in!) and their ambition is to leave the planet a better place than they found it; a mission we can get behind.


Project Spotlight

Innovation is the key to any ELK project, and can be found in the little details they introduce to their work. Their fruit rack not only looks great, but keeps fruit fresher for longer using the victorian method of storing fruit so it doesn’t touch, with plenty of air circulating. Their O45 V drawer inserts come in a variety of clever options, from their apothecary drawer to their crockery rack, all carefully designed to fit perfectly into their One Tree Console.

The detailing of the One Tree Console goes to the heart of ELK and its patent and design registrations. The remarkable five way junction is stabilised and supported by clever internal geometric technology, allowing their design to defy gravity.

Nestled between the V drawer ‘trees’, the ELK Barn Drawer can be accessories with unique inserts designed to maximise storage potential. Ideal spaces to store pans, plates and small kitchen appliances, the drawer is named for its resemblance to a hay barn gable. With solid frontal or framed glass doors, the Barn Drawer can transform your cupboards from simple storage to a beautiful display.


Timber Spotlight

English Woodlands Timber provides ELK with high quality, sustainable timber for use throughout their innovative kitchen designs. Learn more about the team and their offering.

ELK’s master craftsmen go to great lengths to select high quality, sustainable timber for use throughout their projects, hunting for grains that match the direction of the geometric shapes found throughout ELK’s frame based kitchens. They pair our ash, oak and maple with painted door panels to ensure the feeling of woodiness doesn’t become overbearing.

a detail of a rippled ash board on display in the office 27mm ash in the racks at the woodyard 27mm ash interior cladding detail on in the POD at the woodyard no fixings

Ash is one of ELK’s favoured timbers, thanks to the strength of grain and its wide availability in both white and olive hues. Because this gorgeous timber is in plentiful supply and grown locally in the UK, it pairs beautifully with their dedication to sustainable joinery.


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Customer Spotlight: Green Oak Building Co

Meet Green Oak Building Co…

James Brown, founder of the company, is a carpenter by trade. He discovered his passion for traditional construction techniques through his apprenticeship in oak framing. When he founded The Green Oak Building Company, he pledged to build exclusively using green oak timber framed structures, to ensure the continued creation of unique heritage buildings and extensions.


Customer Spotlight: Simon Thomas Pirie

Meet Simon Thomas Pirie…

Multi Award winning craft furniture maker renowned for contemporary bespoke furniture, luxury kitchens and architectural design projects. Simon, John & team have created commissioned pieces for both landscape and interior spaces – from places of worship, museums and universities, to purely sculptural installations.

simon thomas pirie bespoke handmade kitchens and furniture craft furniture maker

Customer Spotlight: Gaze Burvill

Meet Gaze Burvill

Simon Burvill and Christian Gaze strive to solve the challenges of building for the outdoors, drawing on experience gained over 25 years, with elegant practical solutions and beautifully subtle details.

In 1993, Simon and Christian joined forces – and surnames – to found Gaze Burvill gathering a talented team of designers and craftsmen and establishing a set of core values which they embedded throughout the business. Each piece of Gaze Burvill furniture, and their outdoor kitchens, would be built for lasting performance outdoors, and would always be designed with a focus on beauty and sophistication. It would be practical, and extremely comfortable.

The team at Gaze Burvill work extremely hard to ensure that their furniture not only performs well, with particular attention to comfort, but also looks good. In 1992, Christian designed the original Court Seat design with these principles in mind, and although they now draw on other creative influences, they have never wavered from these core concepts. If a piece looks good, but doesn’t meet the team’s exacting comfort checks, it doesn’t go into production.

Gaze Burvill bespoke garden furniture (more…)

Customer Spotlight: Inglis Hall

Meet Inglis Hall…


Inglis Hall create kitchens made to order, made for living. They also create freestanding furniture, surfaces and spaces for other rooms. Everything they produce is designed and handmade from scratch in their workshop in East Sussex.

With more than three decades of experience, Toby Hall has a hands-on approach to his role as Head of Production, overseeing the manufacture of every project that comes to the Inglis Hall team. Working alongside Head of Design Peter Spence, whose eye for detail ensures each new piece leaves the workshop as beautiful as the last, Inglis Hall balances traditional cabinet making with contemporary design.

toby hall of inglis hall furniture makers at at work


Customer Spotlight: R W Armstrong

Meet R W Armstrong…

For 60 years, R W Armstrong has provided high quality building services for Hampshire and most of the South of England.

With a foundation of expertise in traditional craftsmanship, the company has built a sterling reputation for high class refurbishments and renovations – the go-to building experts for country homes, period town houses and listed properties. They also construct bespoke homes for private clients, in both contemporary and traditional style.

r w armstrong heritage buildings


Customer Spotlight: Ornate Interiors

Meet Ornate Interiors…

Who are they, and what do they do?

Ornate Interiors was founded over twenty years ago, and they’re still combining technical knowledge and creativity, manufacturing and installing decorative plasterwork for interiors and exteriors, conserving and restoring historic plasterwork, along with a range of expert services. Thanks to their team of industry specialists, Ornate Interiors have earned an enviable reputation for consistently delivering high quality and effective plastering solutions.

ornate interiors assembly rooms york lime plaster work


Customer Spotlight: Kraftwork Ltd

Meet Kraftwork…


Who are they, and what do they do?

For two decades, the team at Kraftwork have been creating bespoke kitchens and furniture, using the best materials and always ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship. From initial concepts through to manufacture and installation, Kraftwork offers a high-end service at every stage of the process – all under the watchful eye of master craftsman and company owner, Phillip Brown.

Kraftwork joiner furniture projects with seth stein architect somerset01


Customer Spotlight: Eagle Promotions

Meet Eagle Promotions…

Who are they, and what do they do?

In 1980, Eagle designed their first scorecard for Shirley Park Golf Club in Surrey. Forty years on, they’re working with the world’s top courses, providing design and marketing expertise along with above-par wooden branding, furniture and signage with all sorts of design and material options to choose from. (more…)

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