Natural finishes for internal or external use

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Western Red Cedar, the archetypal timber cladding

We know fresh sawn Western Red Cedar cladding comes high on the ‘wish list’ for lots of building projects.

western red cedar featheredge cladding on Midhurst housing development


When we ask our customers ‘why?’ we often hear the same thing… it’s ‘the one we know’. It turns out ‘Cedar cladding’ has become ubiquitous as the alternative term for ‘timber cladding’ and so we thought we’d ponder that for a moment.

We know that WRC is a safe choice because it’s been used in construction for over 50 years. So in a way the proof is in the pudding. The timber clad buildings from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc.. they’re all still here. We see them around, ranch style bungalows with stone chimney’s , small scale span housing developments, 60’s comprehensive schools, beachside cafes, pre-fab office buildings all with their wood cladding, maybe gloss white, or maybe black painted or just weathered, still looking neat, tidy, stylish and still intact. It’s ubiquitous by proxy. (more…)


Pick a wall, pick a species, pick a spec, pick a profile… that’s all it takes to create beautiful interior wood cladding for your interior space.

Buying kiln dried timber cladding is that easy, but it takes a bit of discussion and decision-making to get to that point because every project is different. Bespoke is normal.

New, different, and ‘never been done before’ doesn’t scare us. It excites us. We’re suckers for a bespoke project. We learned early in our wood-lives that every project undertaken that begins in our woodyard is bespoke.

So we apply that logic to every cutting list and every spec because the only thing we can be certain of in this wood world is that no two pieces of wood will be the same and every thing made from wood will be unique.

So wood, unique and bespoke go hand in hand in hand.

Bespoke is what we do. For every customer. Every day.  So get creative, get designing and if your designs include wood for interior finishes, surface definition or temporary spaces come talk to us.

We have the wood, we have the workshop and we can introduce you to some fantastic woodworkers for bespoke installation and fitting.

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Read about timber grades & species in Making the Grade

Or for more about certified timber Grown in Britain, FSC & PEFC

Get more timber cladding information HERE



For a list of our timber cladding profiles click to download the document below or visit our PROFILE LIBRARY

PROFILE LIBRARY.CLADDING profiles for matching in our workshop



kiln dried timber for interior wood cladding at service course in Girona kiln dried strip timber cladding at london bridge station ceiling woodstpotting woodspotting kiln dried internal timber cladding at london bridge station ceiling kiln dried interior timber cladding at london bridge station ticket hall entrance woodspotting kiln dried timber cladding at hilton bankside hotel reception area woodstpotting kiln dried timber cladding at hilton bankside hotel reception area corner join finish detail woodstpotting  interior timber cladding at hilton bankside hotel reception area grain detail woodstpotting



Sweet Home Chestnut Cladding

Air dried, machine profiled, finger jointed, PEFC Sweet Chestnut Cladding 

It is quite a mouthful isn’t it?

Well, this is a cladding with a big name and an even bigger reputation and no mistake!

It’s not new but it’s been on the side lines for a while, coming in behind our beloved Oak in the popularity stakes on a regular basis but now it seems our little friend Castanea Sativa has been catching up, making a bit of ground on good old Oak.

And we don’t think it’s just a fad either.

Air Dried finger jointed Chestnut decking at the Bridge School c AD Sweet Chestnut cladding


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