Wood Knowledge: Riven Chestnut for Lath and Plaster Work

MD Tom Compton introduces a very special product used in traditional lath and plaster work.

Hand riven from split sweet chestnut rounds these plastering laths are a beautiful example of sustainable productive forestry management practice.

Usually made out in the woods near us in Haslemere under a tarp by the extremely hardy and highly skilled woodland workers who manage coppiced woodland and have the expertise to produce these specialist product.

The hand riven Chestnut laths are traditional woodland products, primarily used for traditional lime plastering of ceilings and walls in the restoration of period and heritage properties (although there’s nothing to stop lath and plaster being used in a new build!).

Watch and enjoy 🙂


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Wood Knowledge: An Introduction to Ash

A forester’s story of Ash, the tree and the timber, as the most important species in our native woodland canopy.

Recognised by foresters throughout Europe as the Venus of the Woods but threatened with a disease that might erase it from our landscape, Ash is holding it’s own… for now.

In this video Tom, our MD and chartered forest manager at English Woodlands Forestry, gives us the background on Ash trees and the timber we’re so fond of.


Wood Knowledge: The Pips in Pippy Oak

We asked Tom where the the pips in Pippy Oak come from, here’s what he told us…


English Pippy Oak has been one of our specialist hardwood timbers for as long as we’ve been sawing logs.

There’s a very particular quality about it that’s not common to all tree and wood species. It’s the tiny pin knots in Oak wood, often found in clusters, usually not very far underneath the bark line and sometimes, much deeper into the tree.

Tom, our MD and chartered forest manager, explains how, being such long lived trees, Oaks use these knots as a way of adapting to be able withstand substantial climatic change. (more…)

Tom & Ian will MATCH your donations!

Tom and Ian each work with a charity very close to their (secretly soft) hearts.

For Ian it’s CancerWise in Chichester…  for Tom’s it’s the Sylvia Beaufoy Youth Centre in Petworth.

So this month these two smiley people are challenging themselves to matchfund any and all donations that YOU, our friends & family, colleagues & customers, make to try to raise £5K for each of these cherished charities.

Both Cancerwise and Sylvia Beaufoy Centre are each in need of a boost to help lift them over some of hurdles thrown up by challenging times in the last year.

Each of these two charities exists as a support network for the people it serves. Both are places of community, built to give people a place to come to, to be welcomed and included, to provide a listening ear and a shoulder but also inspiration, energy and optimism.

So we’re giving Ian and Tom some takeover time at EWT this month to let them tell you about their cherished charities and ask if you’ll help them with some crucial financial support so they can all breathe a little easier this Autumn and really be there for the people they care about.

Charities like these are always operating on the edge of what’s possible, counting pennies, relying on goodwill, beholden to others and living the adage ‘there but for the grace of God go we…’

We can all relate to that, right?

And so here’s your opportunity for a little bit of good karma for the day… if you can help with even the smallest amount – remember – Ian and Tom will match it.

So what next?

Watch Ian’s video and then click the button to keep the kind people of Cancerwise going strong for people who are struggling.


Watch Tom’s video and then click the button to help the Sylvia Beaufoy Centre team be hopeful and excited for the future for the kid’s of Petworth.

donate to sulvia beaufoy centre here


Thanks for reading (and watching) woodfolks. Fingers crossed we’ll be bringing you news of your good deeds in the near future.

Take care out there,
The EWT team.


CancerWise Chichester Charity Registration 290574

Sylvia Beaufoy Youth Centre Petworth Charity Registration 1187451



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