Sweet Chestnut

Homegrown Sweet Chestnut is sweet alright. It’s handsome, strong & durable and didn’t you know?! ‘Round Chestnut’ is the new …

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lovely grain and colour of french oak

Oak is like no other species, used by Oak framers & builders, joiners, furniture makers, carvers, turners, garden designers & …

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elm timber sample from english woodlands timber

Elm has attractive contrasting sap is durable, strong and has incredible grain. It’s not common due to devastation of UK …

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Ash kiln dried sample from english woodlands timber

Fear not!!! Ash is here… with grain patterns to WOW in amazingly big boards of dense, smooth, delicately coloured hardwood.

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Ash versus Elm

ash wood solid floor and scottish elm dinig table made for our stand at decorex

If you’re a chair maker, a cabinetmaker or a kitchen maker you might look at these two grand dames of …

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Wood Knowledge: The Pips in Pippy Oak

tom explains wood knowledge video how pippy oak is formed in the oak tree

We asked Tom where the the pips in Pippy Oak come from, we got him on video explaining they’re part …

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Bespoke Green Oak Price Changes

structural oak beam stock customer cut fresh sawn green for timber framing

Our high quality structural green Oak has seen price increases this spring due to market demand in China & Russian …

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Timber Certification: 100% or none

tom measuing and analysing a parcel of english oak butts hea has sourced for sawing

At English Woodlands Timber we have firm beliefs about responsible, sustainable timber sourcing. It all starts with the trees. Our …

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