Peter’s 300CrazyShirts

This is a 300crazyshirts page dedicated to our Stock man, Peter.


No, not because he is a legendary timber professional that can select a board at twenty paces (which he is) but because he has the most ridiculous collection of shirts. And he just happens to wear them all to work… a different one each day!

So we’re sharing what we call his #300crazyshirts with the world (that’s you) whilst keeping them all for the posterity. Not least of all because we want to see if there really are 300 of them!

300crazyshirts shirt of the day on a N.Am Maple mission 300crazyshirts Peter in black with red braces on a Yew board kind of a day 300crazyshirts Peter in red and big leaves on a waney edge sycamore kind of a day peter-in-his-im-a-timber-dictator-but-im-prepared-to-pick-sweet-chestnut-shirt peter-in-blue-pailsley-shocker for kiln dried timber yard peter-in-surftastic-blue-number perfect for time in the timber kilns peter in gentle leaf print ready for work on a sunny day in the kiln dried timber shed peter in the shirt with a polite message for Ian whilst he waits for a cutting list for air dried elm! Peter in a special tiled monday morning long sleeved number with red braces of course

P.S. Big secret: before Peter worked for us he worked in a men’s fashion boutique (40 years ago!) We didn’t tell you that, right?