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Wood Knowledge: Introduction to Elm Trees & Timber

Our native Elm is a rare tree and richly prized wood. Here's our MD Tom Compton, a forester with an explanation for why that is... Whilst Elm is rare it is still found in pockets across the UK. When the growing trees are no longer healthy and viable we are given the opportunity to take the felled trees and convert them into boules, dry them and produce the best possible Elm wood for use in furniture making.

Fade To Grey: Weathered Timber Cladding

Bright, rich mustardy (or is it butterscotch-y?) yellow, still soft enough to leave a thumbprint, almost. Does that ring any bells to you? If you're a green Oak user you’ll know what we’re talking about. Green oak. Fresh sawn. Straight off the bandsaw, sodden and smelling distinctly of vinegar. But the ageing process kicks in immediately. There is no right or wrong but be assured, the silver-grey natural weathering of Oak timber cladding is not defect and not a fault. It’s a glorious prize you receive for choosing this tough, strong, durable, low maintenance, sustainable, planet friendly, environment friendly building material and letting it be to do it’s thing.

It’s that TTJ Awards time of year

You have one month left to decide on your fave timber suppliers and place your vote for your favourite timber suppliers. Yes woodfans, your guessed it...  voting is open and already underway for the 25th anniversary Timber Trades Journal Awards and now it's up to you to do your stuff.

Fresh Sawn, Part Seasoned & Semi Seasoned Oak Beams

Our beam yard improvements mean over 2000 Oak beams in 3 levels of seasoning are now available to pick from for timber framing & carpentry . We recognise the need for better product information on dryness so we're mid process of re-listing with 3 categories, Fresh sawn beam: for 6 months from sawn date Part seasoned beam: from 7 - 24 months from sawn date Semi seasoned beam: from 25 months from sawn date. In this way the age of the sawn structural section corresponds to a level of drying / seasoning. For engineering calculations our structural timber is technically 'wet graded' as, due to section size, it cannot reach the moisture content required for 'dry graded'.

Turning the Oak Volume up to 80

With the price of imported softwood cladding blanks going through the roof you might find Oak cladding becomes a nice alternative to be able to offer your clients. In the last couple of months Tom & David have brought in over 80m3 of character grade Oak square edge packs.

They call it the pedestrian combilift.

We call it the key to peace in our time. We'll admit it. Pulling timber for 127 live cutting lists at once is a challenge. When there are 7 of us in the sheds, 4 in the workshop, 2 in the yard, all of us hustling, and the sales team are to-ing, fro-ing, poking, prodding and generally cracking the whip that's when we need proper lifting kit that doesn't have the turning circle of an artic (or sound like one, or cost the same to run as an one) and let's us get in and out of the timber racks quickly, easily and safely.

About Us: The Timber Rack wood shop

A dedicated retail space you can visit, shop & take timber away with you. Whilst the general stock sheds are out of bounds to visitors, from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday The Timber Rack is all yours. Here's David giving you a quick tour to show you what to expect when you visit. If visiting is a bit beyond you because of distance or timing Ben, The Timber Rack maestro, is spending more and more time selecting boards for the online shop.

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