FOR SALE – Used Woodworking Equipment


Dust Extraction System & Briquette Press – only 3 years old!


cocking sawmills dust extraction and briquette maker  cocking sawmills dust extraction and briquette maker installed oct/nov 2013


Dust Extraction Filter & Waste Transfer Unit 

This system was installed at the last expansion of our machine shop in Winter 2013/14 to improve dust extraction and management. It did brilliantly but now we need to expand again so this one is available for sale. We had at least 5 machines connected to it at any one time including a 6 side moulder, straight-line edger and wide planer that operated solidly for minimum 40 hours a week and it kept our machine shop nice and dust free in that time.

dust extraction hopper and mounting frame for sale at cocking sawmills


Air Plants Module Air 42 Filter Unit: Galvanised. 28o diameter.Non bridging 350g/m2. Filter surface area 98 m2. Velocity 6ft/minute. Removal via Rotary Valve. Clean on Shutdown.

Black painted supporting frameset

Plus: Waste transfer via screw conveyor.

£5000.00 +VAT ono



Briquette Press

This briquette pressing machine was bought and installed along with the dust extraction unit above in November 2013. They worked perfectly together, with the dust extraction emptying into the hopper that then fed the briquetter 24/7.  You could do the same or you could connect this briquette making machine to a hopper that you fill manually. Whether you want to produce good quality briquettes for sale or just safely store your own waste dust as wood fuel this machine will do the job nicely.

wood working equipment the briquette maker doing it's thing in the machine shop at cocking sawmills


Votecs Briquette Press Type AP575: 7.5kW, 400 v 50 Hz 3 ph. Electronic control panel. Hydraulic oil drive. Output = approx 50mm diameter briquettes at approx 80-100kg/hr. Geared funnel & auger. Switch controls. Automatic running.

Comprises: Funnel, silo, auger, transport pipe.

NB. Although there’s no bagging system included there is a pipe that which transports briquettes into storage. We used big builder sacks to store and deliver to customers with wood burning stoves and boilers.

£ 2500.00 +VAT ono


Both the Dust Extraction and the Briquette Making Machine have been disconnected and are available immediately.

If you have questions about either of these items – or both! – then do give us a call on 01730 816941 and speak to Ian. He’ll be glad to answer queries and questions.