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Walnut Kiln Dried Waney Edge (Boards)
Kilned waney edge timber for internal use
Notes: This Walnut board comes from a very unique log with an extraordinarily huge crotch in it's mid-section. The board width measure listed here is taken before the crotch as an average width with the crotch itself being significantly wider! This individual board has remarkable figuring and an exceptional live/waney edge. There are three large knots along it's length.
Dimensions: 70mm Th x 620mm W x 3.7m L
Grade: Wild And Figured
Origin: USA
Species: Walnut
Sought after hardwood w/ wide range of colours & grain patterns. More information >

Price: £1,028.10 (+ VAT)
Rate: £6,900.00 m3
Item #: 069330
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