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We are big London Plane fans here at EWT. It’s one of those species that tests our mettle as sawmillers.

To achieve those delicately pastel coloured boards and lacey grain requires concentration and commitment. No doubt about it, Plane is a demanding timber but we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

What’s in a name?

Meet Platanus. Platanus hybrida, Platanus acerifolia or Platanus orientalis. They’re all in the Platanus gang botanically known as the Platanaceae family. In ‘plain’ (terrible #woodpun alert) language they’re known as Plane trees. Often given suffixes, European Plane, French Plane, London Plane, English Plane… we don’t don’t think we’ll have to explain why that is! However, they do get mixed in with Acers in the USA. Our american colleagues call a Plane tree a Sycamore but the less of that the better. We’ll just call this lovely wood ‘Plane’ and thank the heavens it exists at all.

So, now what do you want to know?

How about a general description… 

Give us half an hour and we’ll be back with the information you need asap. In the meantime keep yourselves busy with this little lot…

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Wikipedia says

london plane timber sample from english woodlands timber

Platanus Acerifolia