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Sleepers, sleepers, sleepers! We have stock sleepers, a or b-grade sleepers, standard size sleepers, fresh sawn sleepers in Oak, Chestnut or Douglas Fir, or nicely seasoned sleepers for a more weathered look. We’re just sleeper crazy!

They’re just too useful for  heavy external groundworks,  for pondmaking and waterfeatures, for heavy duty decking and even for garden furniture.

Whatever you want your sleepers for, rest assured, we have the right sleeper for the job.

Our fresh sawn Sleepers are cut straight from the log as a custom order, like structural timber. The most suitable timbers are probably Chestnut , Oak and Douglas Fir and if you opt for a custom order you can have any size you like (within reason!) in which ever species you prefer.

If you like your timber local, try Douglas Fir or Chestnut, we can usually source logs from woodlands quite close at hand where our Oak  is more likely to come from France.

Send us an enquiry  and tell us how we can help you

Certification:  Grown in Britain, FSC & PEFC

*Stock sizes:

100 x 200 x 2.0m,

130 x 220 x 2.6m,

150 x 260 x 2.6m



Available Species: , , , ,