Machining Services

When rough cut or sawn timber won’t do the job we tend to fall on the mercy of the machines.

wadkin straightline edger Weinig 6 head moulder profiler planer thicknesser

They cut to size, they plane, they smooth, they shape, they profile and what comes out the other end is something else altogether. It’s a floor, or a deck or some skirting, or some panelling, or some cladding, or a different size beam or some really nice shelves!

The machining services we offer take care of most of the straightforward jobs and some of the more sophisticated ones too. We have a straightline-edger, planer/thicknesser, six head moulder and a long bench cross-cut saw and we can always cut to length with a handy chainsaw.

I suppose I should mention the Stenner bandmill and the Forester bandsaw, we are a sawmill afterall!

Get in touch & send us your cutting list or give us call 01730 816941 to talk about what you need.