Graham’s Garden

For our Graham, life is what happens when you go outdoors.

Lucky for all of us, that is where his expertise lie, in anything and everything that is the ‘great outdoors’. 

He spends his days here at Cocking Sawmills outside, whatever the weather – you’ve seen that yellow anorak haven’t you?! So when it’s hammering down with rain and a round timber lorry needs unloading Graham is the one out there giving the elements a run for their money and loving every minute!

Then, it appears, when he goes home and is straight out in the garden getting up to mischief growing giant pumpkins or exquisite flowers for our front desk. And if he’s got the gardening out of his system you won’t find Graham inside in front of the telly (unless it’s Countryfile night of course) no, he’s out roaming the countryside checking out mother nature’s handiwork or working with the local guides on charity events and fundraising… often involving homemade cakes from his daughter, the lovely Chrissie 🙂

So naturally he is our go to guy for anything nature related, garden related, weather related, animal related, cake related, wellington boot related… you get the picture.

Over the years, the oh so many years, Graham has been with us he’s been taking snapshots of his garden, of plants and wildlife and we’ve been taking snapshots of him and his exploits too so we thought we’d put aside a tiny bit of the ether for keeping Graham’s pictures and to share them with the world.

We hope you enjoy them.

these lovey flower were another gift from graham for the front desk

Graham's keeping this little red pot full of super flowers from his garden at home


    friday cake has morphed into charity cake day so please come and help yourself to a slice for children in need and make you donation  Graham has to keep his strength up somewhow and what better way then donating to eat cake  cakes for cancerwise will help you get through the day

there's a nonstop supply of colour from graham's garden

  the front desk is becoming a proper little hothouse with Graham's flowers decorating every surface


Graham grows these delicious little flowers in his garden at home 

 This is how a lot of you might recognise Graham, the blue overalls from behind with a head in a stack of timber  Graham & Grant make up team G Unit .. back on the block  this is what happens when you make Graham go indoors 

cocking sawmills front desk flower display courtesy of our graham a special arrangement by graham in a special vase for the woodyard our graham is a flower growing expert and he showers the woodyard front desk with the results of his labour

Thanks for visiting and looking at Graham’s page, now Graham Says put the computer / smartphone / electronic device down and go outside and get yourself some nature 🙂

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