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The Environment

Sustainaibility is at the heart of the work we do

The Company

As foresters and timber millers the ideas and concerns around sustainability and the environment are woven into our everyday lives. They are built into the foundation of our business and the ethos of the people that work within.

As such, we’re very fortunate. Something about our industry draws people that are naturally sensitive to the environmental issues that are, more and more, a focus for our wider society.


So when it comes to the environment, our approach is informed by the nature of our business.

The growing and caring for trees in the  woodland environment, the maintenance and harvesting of trees, the efficient conversion and economical use of the timber as a renewable, but still precious, resource – these are the fundamentals of our daily work.

This doesn’t prevent us or excuse us from drilling down into the detail of our day to day activity. The principles of sustainability don’t stop at our external works.


We understand we have to find responsible ways to apply more sustainble practices internally, whether we’re looking at the use of transport and fuel, in purchase practices of imported timber or the recovery of usable material from timber processing.

We feel that neither we, nor the planet can afford us to be complacent, and sometimes these principles involve commitment to big decisions about big investments.

When we can we’ve taken the plunge.


In the last few years we have installed a large scale PV system to try to cover some of our electricity use –  timber machining is a power hungry process! – but also so that generated power can feed back to the grid.

When buying new machinery, like the Weinig and our wide boards planer, we analysed them for power usage  and efficiency. When we upgraded our dust extraction we made the desicion to invest in a briquette maker to try to recover the waste for bio fuels that would suit both our local domestic and commercial markets.

We’re not stopping there, we’ve got lots of ideas but we’re working on one thing at a time…

if you have any questions about what we do and how we do it do get in touch.