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In The Pink for Cancerwise

>> BREAKING NEWS!!! >> English Woodlands Timber & customers raised £745 for CancerWise with #PinkHiViz + cakes, cakes & more cakes! >> A big thank you to all those super-lovely people who donated & took part. Where that pink hi viz with pride 🙂 —————————————————————————————————————————————————- Donate and you shall receive…  a... read more

Cedar of Lebanon for the Soul

    Here you see before you a hand built wall of English Cedar of Lebanon and it was designed and specified by the clever people at TOAST. They’re a soulful company who sell beautiful clothing and homeware, championing natural materials ( like our Cedar of Lebanon) and artisan works, handmade items and small production runs.... read more

Take the tour…

If you’ve never visited our woodyard then this little film is for you. Take a tour around English Woodlands Timber HQ at Cocking Sawmills with this video and find out what it is we’re doing out here all day long on the side of a hill in sunny West Sussex!  Thanks for watching!... read more

Building a Wood Wonderland for our customers

We’ve come a long way since our beginnings in the 1940’s and would like to share with you our plans to further improve the experience of sourcing your timber from English Woodlands Timber. Over the past four years we have invested more than £500,000 in the fixed assets of our... read more

Sweet Home Chestnut Cladding

Air dried, machine profiled, finger jointed, PEFC Sweet Chestnut Cladding It is quite a mouthful isn’t it? Well, this is a cladding with a big name and an even bigger reputation and no mistake! It’s not new but it’s been on the side lines for a while, coming in behind our beloved... read more

Grown in Britain WoodStock at ecobuild

A new approach to UK hardwood timber supply The UK imports over 90% of its hardwood and yet we leave huge amounts of the same material in our unmanaged woods.  The woodstock project is looking at the options to improve and streamline the complex supply chain that has been identified... read more

The story of our Boules

Our sticking team is busy in the yard putting together some gorgeous fresh sawn T&T boules, all sourced from sustainable managed British woodlands. We’ve got air dried Oak, Elm (both pippy!) Chestnut, Ash, Cedar of Lebanon, Yew, Sycamore, Plane & Beech jumping the queue straight to the kiln & into... read more

Walnut… high in omega 3 fatty acids

700mm wide boards – making instant tables!!!! The fruit of the Walnut tree is deemed a ‘super food’. Full of antioxidants, it is of great nutritional benefit to us humans, so it stands to reason that the wood of the Walnut tree is a ‘super wood’… full of incredible qualities... read more

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