Wood Book

Just the cover did it for us.

So we ordered the hardback and waited patiently by the postbox to see what lay behind the charred shingle cladding with wooden peg fixings.

Here’s what we found…

 wood by william hall and richard mabey the cover of WOOD the new book by willian hall and richard mabey lovely charred wood shingles on the photography on the cover of wood by william hall and richard mabey


In The Pink for Cancerwise

>> BREAKING NEWS!!! >> English Woodlands Timber & customers raised £745 for CancerWise with #PinkHiViz + cakes, cakes & more cakes! >>

A big thank you to all those super-lovely people who donated & took part. Where that pink hi viz with pride 🙂


Team English Woodlands Timber wear PINK Hi Viz vests in support of local cancer charity CancerWise

Donate and you shall receive…  a PINK Hi Viz VEST!

That was Mr McNally’s challenge to the gang here at EWT.  No sooner had the words (with a slightly South African twang) left his mouth but this lot were thrusting £10 notes into his hands to give to CancerWise.


A big Cedar of Lebanon boule goes kiln-side with Graham & Paul

O, the weather this week’s been frightful, but the Cedar is delightful.

Since it’s been air drying for years , let it kiln, let it kiln, let it kiln…


We’re feeling jolly, can you tell? 

Well, it’s been murky old January week here at Cocking Sawmills so by all accounts we should be down in the dumps. But no, not us! Instead we’ve been unloading and reloading the big kiln with Cedar.

Which is exactly the sort of thing that puts a smile on our faces. 

Like this…! 

Go on Graham… smile for the nice camera.

cocking sawmils graham and paul pack the kiln with cedar of lebanon boule for furniture making and interior joinery


Cedar of Lebanon for the Soul




Here you see before you a hand built wall of English Cedar of Lebanon and it was designed and specified by the clever people at TOAST.

They’re a soulful company who sell beautiful clothing and homeware, championing natural materials ( like our Cedar of Lebanon) and artisan works, handmade items and small production runs.

TOAST are renowned for bringing soul to the high street and we’re thrilled that they chose some of our locally grown Cedar of Lebanon for a shop interior project on the Kings Road.


Western Red Cedar, the archetypal timber cladding

We know fresh sawn Western Red Cedar cladding comes high on the ‘wish list’ for lots of building projects.

When we ask our customers ‘why?’ we often hear the same thing… it’s ‘the one we know’.

It turns out ‘Cedar cladding’ has become ubiquitous as the alternative term for ‘timber cladding’ and so we thought we’d ponder that for a moment.

western red cedar featheredge cladding on Midhurst housing development


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