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English logs start off our Autumn sawmilling

This week Tom took a trip up to Helmdon Sawmill to select our next batch of English logs for milling.

As usual he’s keeping us well stocked with large dimension Cedar of Lebanon logs to make boules of 20mm and 27mm waney edge for furniture making and interior cladding. There are no Tineola bisselliella on us…! ¬†

Cedar of Lebanon logs for 20mm and 27mm boules and boards perfect for furniture making


Next on the list is the sought after yet hard to come by English Walnut he’s been keeping for best.

english walnut logs sitting in wait for the big decision on what thickness to cut

He’s decided it’s time to commit so he’s putting it on the bandsaw but Tom says we’ll have to wait until we’re sticking it to find out what thickness it is. We all piped up with different suggestions based on wants and needs for different customers – not very helpful – but as Tom only has the two logs to mill this time we’re going to have see who gets their way… but perhaps it’ll be mixed thickness?! That would be clever…

english walnut logs sitting in wait for the big cut

After Walnut we get a nice big parcel of Pippy Oak from the Scottish borders. It grows beautifully up there in the cooler climes. Big straight logs with lots of good looking external burring indicating we could be in for some nice medium and perhaps a bit of heavy pip.

a lovely selection of scottish pippy oak logs ready for sawmilling

Tom will be watching this parcel closely… he loves to predict his pippy log outcomes. We’d all be happy if some of those logs we’re over 3m, nice, long pippy oak for kitchen joinery and table making to add to the mix for some furniture makers we know…



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Making the Grade

A guide to appearance grading UK grown hardwood timber

Making the Grade is a really useful reference guide to grading homegrown timber species with a focus on wood for furniture making, joinery & cabinetry.

It describes and identifies many of the particular characteristics most commonly found in English and UK hardwoods and it includes useful information on measuring and selecting timber.

Download a copy to keep by clicking on the link below.


Making the Grade a guide to british hardwood timber grading and grades with English Woodlands Timber



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Tom Talks Round Timber

& the Art of Buying Logs


The art of buying logs to yield particular grain patterns and figure is a practice exercised through accumulated experience of sawing and observation over generations. Knowledge has been acquired that enables current round timber buyers to predict likely outcomes. (more…)

Wood Book

Just the cover did it for us.

So we ordered the hardback and waited patiently by the postbox to see what lay behind the charred shingle cladding with wooden peg fixings.

Here’s what we found…

 wood by william hall and richard mabey the cover of WOOD the new book by willian hall and richard mabey lovely charred wood shingles on the photography on the cover of wood by william hall and richard mabey


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