out of the woods

we bring the biggest & best logs
we can find

the sawmill

sawing logs into boules, boards,
cladding & structural timber

the woodyard

where we measure, we grade, we stick,
we strap, we stack & we dry

the woodshed

a world of wood, sorted into species, grades,
thicknesses, widths & lengths

our workshop

where we select, we cut, we plane,
we smooth, we shape & we profile 

over to the woodworkers

people who design, who make, who craft, who build, 
the wielders of tools & workers of wood


Tom Talks Round Timber

& the Art of Buying Logs   The art of buying logs to yield particular grain patterns and figure is a practice exercised through accumulated […]

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Case Study

Air dried Oak Cladding

CASE STUDY 01 – Air Dried Oak Cladding Whithurst Park Cottage, West Sussex Designed by James Gorst Architects for a private client, this concrete and steel structure […]

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Platanus Acerifolia

It’s a species that tests our mettle as sawmillers. To achieve the delicate pastel-ly colour boards & lacey grain of Plane takes concentration & commitment

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Wooden & Woven

Alex Devol is Wooden & Woven. Wooden & Woven is incredibly finely made wooden homeware. And art pieces. And furniture. And especially beautifully turned wooden vessels.

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