Cocking Sawmill history. The air dried yard with beech stacks


Sawing English hardwoods at Cocking Sawmills since 1942.

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South Downs Way and traditional hand riven Chestnut laths


Traditional skills make traditional products.

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Green Oak frame roof structure by Guy Ballard Carpentry


Quality timber is our bread and butter.

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Peter measuring ansd selecting for a bespoke floor


Our wood is your wood. We just fell it, cut it, measure it, grade it, stick it, dry it, love  it, select it and then machine it (if you want us to).

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A Sawmill at Work

A video introduction to our business.

If you’re wondering what on earth we’re doing up here on the South Downs then sit back, watch this video & wonder no more!

Following the success of the Woodlands.TV video which has already had 12,000 views!!! Hard to believe but it is true……We have now set up our own YouTube Channel where we will are collecting videos that we think you would like to watch. Let us know what you think.

Having a YouTube moment? Don’t stop now! Have a look at EnglishWoodlands TV. Coffee break sized videos of wood & trees!

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plane a waney edge board for an instant dining table

Instant Table (or Desk) !

Boy, do we have the answer to your dream table (or desk).  

Want one? Ok, here’s what you do. You have a look around & make a note of the right size for your room. Then you get yourself a nice beverage (nibbles as required) you put The Grand Budapest Hotel on in the background & you sit down in front of our stocklist & you browse around… a little bit of Ash here, a little bit of Chestnut there… until you find a board that sounds just right.

You pick it (use the picking list + thingamajig) then email it (use the email @ thingamajig) & one of our sales team will get in touch to find out how they can help (cut to the chase & pick up the phone anytime… 01730 816941)

They pull it, plane it on our super wide planer (800mm max) & then you come over & take it home, plonk it on a couple of trestles (it’s gonna be heavy so they’d better be strong!) & oil it up nicely and hey presto! its as simple as that.

Just a big plank of wood with a little planing & a little oil but unique, beautiful & a real conversation piece. 

The best table (or desk) ever!

Pick a board, any board!
A video introduction to one of our key customers

A video introduction to one of our key customers

We have selected three key customers to illustrate to you the type of customers we serve. The Stephen Anthony Design video is the first in the series to be released and we were delighted with the support given to the video crew by the Stephen Anthony Design Team.

We believe that our business will only succeed if we are able to truly understand our customer’s needs and then consistently deliver to meet their requirements. So far so good but we know we are only as good as our last delivery!

It is all about quality of product, lowest cost of processed components and lead-time from order to delivery. The better we get the lower the cost of manufacture for our customers.

Having a YouTube moment? Don’t stop now! Have a look at EnglishWoodlands TV. Coffee break sized videos of wood & trees!

A video introduction one of our key customers