Cocking Sawmill history. The air dried yard with beech stacks


Sawing English hardwoods at Cocking Sawmills since 1942.

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South Downs Way and traditional hand riven Chestnut laths


Traditional skills make traditional products.

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Green Oak frame roof structure by Guy Ballard Carpentry


Quality timber is our bread and butter.

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Peter measuring ansd selecting for a bespoke floor


Our wood is your wood. We just fell it, cut it, measure it, grade it, stick it, dry it, love  it, select it and then machine it (if you want us to).

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waney edge ash boules in the air dried yard

Love Your Ash

Despite, & inspite of, the discovery of chalara fraxinea in UK woodlands we’re determined to champion our beloved English Ash.

Here at Cocking sawmills we’ve been converting Ash T&T for a really long time. We remember the 80′s black Ash fashion (yup, there’s no denying it & it’s still happening!). We recall the tumblewood years when Ash was literally left on the shelf. But time’s they-are-a-changing & Ash stocks are moving rapidly through the yard & out into the world and the cupboard would be in danger of being bare if Ash trees weren’t so prolific.

Quite right too. It’s just too useful & too beautiful.

We’re not kidding, we have people (ironically) regularly confusing Elm with Ash & vice versa. Aesthetically they’re so similar, oh that grain!!

We’ve got a good feeling about English Ash this year, we hope you will too. See Ash stock.

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Grown in Britain Week

Grown in Britain

You may have heard us mention Grown in Britain (GIB) over the last year and wondered what on earth we were on about. Well now you can find out! They have a shiny new website & a great film which explains it all much better than we ever could… watch it and tell them what you think!

In addition, the GIB UK assured timber license is under trial with 30 timber companies & forests taking part (including us!). Sounds a bit dull but it’s a huge deal & we hope it will help change our industry for the better, allowing specification of homegrown timber in Government & large business procurement, previously only available to FSC™ & PEFC™ products (which excludes most of our UK woodland).

SAVE THE DATE 13th – 19th October is the 2nd annual Grown in Britain Week!! There’s bound to be some wood based activity happening near you…  check the website & don’t be shy, join in!


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structural oak stock

Structural Stock for Summer

Well, summer is well & truly here & as you probably know, with that comes a little hiatus for our fresh sawn Oak production from France, but fear not dear framer, Steve & Chris made shopping lists for Tom to buy us some nice juicy beam stock to tide you over until Autumn.

Stock sections start 120×120 to 350x350mm’s in regular & irregular sizes, lengths up to 7.0m as standard, + w/e 75, 150 7 200mm curves, all graded on request to TH2 & TH1 for small sections, THB & THA for large sections to cover service class 2&3 (TRADA WIS 1-17).

We’re already taking orders for Autumn projects & our first lorry will be in to us on the 8th of September & weekly again after that.

Got an urgent cutting list? Send it on over!

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