the facts about british hardwood revealed

The WoodStock report

It sounds dramatic doesn’t it… if you read this report from the Grown in Britain WoodStock team (that includes our lovely directors Tom & Ian) you might get a shock!

Until now we only had yearly sales figures, Forestry Commission data & our gut instincts to go on. Now we have hard evidence about where our British hardwoods stand (nice forestry pun there) in the whole scheme of UK yearly hardwood consumption & the numbers smart a bit, we can tell you.

Overall though, we feel excited. Why?

Homegrown timber has never had so much interest, support & commitment from industry, media, government. Even the high street (go Heals !).  Grown in Britain have contributed to this change in culture & last weeks #GiBweek2016 showcased some of what has been possible. Their WoodStock seminar at #APF2016 was the launch of this report & opened up discussion for what we do to address the opportunities revealed.

Do you have your own plans for increasing the use of British hardwoods? We’d love to hear them…

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english oak stack in the kiln dried timber shed

Caught on film...

If you’re wondering what on earth we’re doing up here in a shed on the side of a hill in the South Downs then sit back, watch this video & wonder no more!

Following the success of the Woodlands.TV video which has already had 12,000 views (!!!) we thought we’d try ta film of our own to help tell our story so when you click the link you’ll get transported straight to our YouTube Channel where we’re collecting videos that we like as well as videos we make. There’s a lot of great woodworking going on out there & it turns out woodworkers are great at talking about their subject.

Beware, it get’s addictive! And if you see anything you think we might like like us know won’t you?

Having a YouTube moment?

Don’t stop now! Have a look at EnglishWoodlandsTV . Coffee break sized videos of wood & trees!

Watch the video
the guys at cocking sawmills standing around a boule over 8m long taking in the enormity of the boards of big timber

Big Timber

It happens… big trees make big timber! But we know it’s not easy to find.

The means of production have historically determined the available dimensions of timber, standardising and regularising to suit mass merchanting & production.

But that’s not us.

And we don’t think it’s you either.

So we’re working on timber stock that isn’t produced to suit ‘standardised or regularised’ so that architects, designers, makers & woodworkers of all kinds can make that special something unique, bespoke, to fit.

We have big logs, big beamsbig boules & big boards… wanna see?


P.S. Don’t forget we’re cutting everyday so if you need some Big Timber that’s not on the list we can always produce it or source it for you

Hey, come & look at this big list of Big Timber …