Cocking Sawmill history. The air dried yard with beech stacks


Sawing English hardwoods at Cocking Sawmills since 1942.

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South Downs Way and traditional hand riven Chestnut laths


Traditional skills make traditional products.

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Green Oak frame roof structure by Guy Ballard Carpentry


Quality timber is our bread and butter.

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Peter measuring ansd selecting for a bespoke floor


Our wood is your wood. We just fell it, cut it, measure it, grade it, stick it, dry it, love  it, select it and then machine it (if you want us to).

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a sawmill at work.the movie by woodlands tv

A Sawmill at Work: The Movie

If you’re wondering what on earth we’re doing up here on the South Downs then sit back, watch this movie & wonder no more!

The nice people at Woodlands.TV paid us a visit this summer and brought some strange movie making thing-um-y-jigs with them.

They followed Tom & the team round the yard talking about trees & wood & boules & boards & this was the result

We think they did a great job, what do you think?

And here’s another film about a project we’re proud to be involved in with B&Q & the Sylva foundation, the Good Woods project. Connecting woodland owners with forest managers to encourage woodland management.

Having a YouTube moment? Don’t stop now! Have a look at EnglishWoodlands TV. Coffee break sized videos of wood & trees!

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Grown in Britain Week

Grown in Britain

You may have heard us mention Grown in Britain (GIB) over the last year and wondered what on earth we were on about. Well now you can find out! They have a shiny new website & a great film which explains it all much better than we ever could… watch it and tell them what you think!

In addition, the GIB UK assured timber license is under trial with 30 timber companies & forests taking part (including us!). Sounds a bit dull but it’s a huge deal & we hope it will help change our industry for the better, allowing specification of homegrown timber in Government & large business procurement, previously only available to FSC™ & PEFC™ products (which excludes most of our UK woodland).

SAVE THE DATE 13th – 19th October is the 2nd annual Grown in Britain Week!! There’s bound to be some wood based activity happening near you…  check the website & don’t be shy, join in!

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Tmber Expo 2014 English Woods 424x282

It's TIMBER EXPO time again!

You know autumn’s really here when you’re planning your Timber Expo visit and that’s  exactlywhat’s going on around here this week!

For us, it’s one of those great opportunities to meet up with Timber Industry colleagues from all over the country as well as meet architects, engineers & construction professionals. We get to talk about timber for two days solid (!), we take part in seminars, hear the toolbox talks and hopefully see some of our lovely customers in the crowd!

There’s also a big TRADA programme on site with lots of demo’s on testing, certification etc. They’re also running a whole series of TRADA workshops. All added extras for us #woodgeeks. There’s a whole lot of wood learnin’ packed in to these two days, for visitors and exhibitors alike.

So are you going to come and say hello?

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